Thursday, February 15, 2007

Appropriate Quote From The Usual Suspects

Well, you’ve probably figured it out... I’m shutting down the Royal Toybox. I’ll keep my old stuff up to remind me of a time when I was funny and had the ability to post things on a regular basis.



One Pinal Farting Thought –

I’m just kidding. I’m breaking Scott’s balls. He thinks he can escape, but he’ll soon learn it’s not that easy. Family? Pftht. What about his blogging family? Priorities, Scott. Priorities.

That said, sorry I haven’t blogged in a million years. The semester has started and all my writing time has been devoted to typing things like: res ipsa loquitor; In flagrante delicto; duces tecum; and other latin things that loosely translate to “Dear Professor, wtf? XOXO, Mike”

P.S. – commitment toyboxcellence update: only down one more pound. Which is pretty good, considering in the two weeks since I last checked in, we had a super bowl and a meal with my parents. I should have gained ten.


Beers said...

What am I supposed to do to waste time at work now?

Scott said...


Anonymous said...

Wait. What? Are you really closing down? I can't understand this family-joke stuff. And anyway, you have to stay up and running through the first week of April at least, since you're in my new 'Buffalo blog roundup' column for the APril issue of the Spree. You and Esther.


Bryan Mahoney said...


Damn you, Garv!!
Here I was thinking I was forever without my toybox fix. GRRR!

By the way, we registered for a Lego Star Destroyer today. Yep. Let married life begin.

Garvey said...

Jen - yeah, admittedly, I write for my known audience, and that's mostly my fam. In this case, I'm not actually shutting down, just making fun of Scott, who is both a liar and a better poker player than me. Sorry, that was another family-joke. Scott actually sucks at poker.