Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Between this and the dictionary game, we'll be all set.

Anyone catch the most recent new episode of The Office? In one scene, a bunch of them were at a bar, playing a drinking game. Lisa and I, being fun loving, decided we needed to find out how the game was played. Especially since St. Pat’s is upon us and especially since anyone who’s anyone is already a cardinal…

Anyway, a little internetting and I was able to find the rules, such as they may be:

“JOHNNY UP”, modified for use at Founding Fathers:
One side of a long table (“side #1”) starts with a quarter. Everyone puts their hands under the table and the quarter gets passed around among all the side #1 players. After a few seconds, side #2’s designated leader says "Johnny up" and everyone on side #1 puts their elbows on top of the table, their hands in fists. Then the leader on side #2 says "Johnny down" and everyone slams their hands flat on the table. The leader then tries to find the hand covering the coin. For every wrong guess, side #2 has to take a drink. For every hand left on the table after they find it, side #1 has to take a drink.

Then someone loses the quarter and we end up just drinking and eating free popcorn.

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