Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I got nothin’. Except these.

I know I’m way behind on blogging, but it’s been busy. School, work, fam, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And the few times I’ve had a few seconds to post a few somethings, I can only come up with snippits. Not really topics you can write more than one or two sentences about.

And honestly, a laughing Maeve staring back at me each time I look at the toybox is worlds better than a two second post about how much I love my dishwashing wand. (What did people do before them?!?)

Anyway, here’s a list of things I recently thought might be blog worthy, but then came up short:

1. The song by Faith Hill entitled “the way you love me” may well be the worst song ever, but is constantly getting airtime. It actually took me a few minutes to find the lyrics because I had always thought this song and “this kiss” were, in fact, the same song. Did other people know this? That Faith Hill has two shitty same-sounding songs on the radio? “It’s not right/it’s not fair/what you’re missing over there…”?!? Faith, if he’s missing anything that you’re experiencing, then he’s doing something wrong. That’s neither his kiss nor the way he loves you, but something else that’s probably gross. Hire a songwriter with a frickin’ thesaurus.

2. I love my dishwashing wand. What did people do before them?

3. Two other things that have made my life surprisingly better in the last few months: half sized shopping carts at wegman’s and free pick-up and delivery from my dry cleaners.

4. I’ve decided I’m no longer going to start watching any new shows. The Mike Garvey Curse is too strong. Keen Eddie? Love Monkey? Carnivale? Studio 60? Hope to Loeb on High that we’re not adding Heroes to that list. From now on, I’m waiting until a show is at least three seasons old, then watching the dvds, then picking up with the rest of the world. Take that, broadcasters who are trying to sell advertising time.

5. Johnny Up got much better as we got drunker. And once again, soda bread saved my life on St. Patrick’s day.

6. Happy Spring, by the way.

7. Buffalo is considering installing a Weather Museum in the old Aud. Aaaaaaaand, go!
-Bert will now have a new mecca after his trip to Tacoma’s Paper Clip Factory and Walla Walla, Washington’s House of Pidgeons.
-The gift shoppe will sell tee shirts that say “I’m Cirrus-ly Into Weather!”
-Ready for your field trip kids? Too bad you were naughty yesterday, or else we’d be on our way to someplace fun right now. Like the Box Factory.
-Welcome to Buffalo, where we’re not just about wings and snow! By the way, make sure you stop by the frickin’ Weather Museum that takes up an entire frickin’ ARENA after you have lunch at the Anchor Bar!
-“The Buffalo Niagara Weather Museum: Because dinosaurs weren’t boring enough.”
-The weatherman is forecasting ten feet of suck in Western New York today.
-There will be family rates, but we should warn you that Child Protective Services has a booth right at the front door in case you ever try to abuse your kid with this shit.


Esther said...

Cirrus-ly?! ooooooo...*cringe*

You know mom will go.

Garvey said...

Yeah, and you know Julia would have a "L'il Thunderbolt" outfit later that day.

Beers said...

Classic Toybox Dude. Classic. Remember the joys of the dish wand at the old apt on Clarendon? God that was awesome, when we actually used it. DISH WAND FOR LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know I'm losing sleep, waiting for the WEATHER MUSEUM to open!! And speaking of field trips, remember when half your class was going to Darien Lake and your half was going to the Chaffee Land Fill...? I let you skip that day. Just wait til Maeve hits middle school; I'm ready. Ma

Jen14221 said...

Check out the new Spree, dude. You're in it.

Bryan Mahoney said...

Weather museum?! Yet one more reason why Buffalo is cooler than Boston. Wish I never left.
T-shirt for twins: "We're our own doppler gang."
For tourists: "We came here for snow but all we got was this lousy T-shirt."
For forecasters: "Weathermen may not do it right, but they do it every day."
Tiny tank top for women: "High-pressure front." You can imagine what the dold fronts look like!

Bryan Mahoney said...

Dold front?!? I meant COLD front!!!
Ah the joke's ruined.

Garvey said...

"doppler gang"... Hah!