Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More of Nothin’, The Hyperlinked Edition

Well well. Here we are. Back again. Look at that. Onward we go.

Let’s get on the same page. Here’s what’s the haps. Or rather, here’s what the haps have been, such as they were/are, continuing from my last post’s numbering (which was {gasp!} two weeks ago??? What am I, Bryan?):

9. Scary Big Work Project. I can’t tell you much about this since I’ve been sworn to secrecy by the Work Powers That Be. But suffice it to say that I played a major role in a major event for my employer last Saturday, and escape with few injuries. Usually, I’m little more than “support” at these things. I do grunt work. Heavy-lifting. Strong-arming. Complimentary-refreshment-mooching. But this year I was given an unexpected and unavoidable promotion about a week before. I was so far up the ladder, I was given a walkie-talkie and a frickin’ golf cart. Seriously.

Anyway, it’s over; it went well; I was given numerous pats on my back. And then I slept for a day.

10. The weather museum is still in the works and is still cirrus-ly lame.

11. I’m getting through all of your blogs. You are all funnier and more interesting than I am, by the way. And if you ant some Maeve news, fercrissake’s, look at this comparison.

12. Speaking of other bloggers, you might be funnier, but I’m famouser. Anyone pick up the Buffalo Spree this month? You might see an article on the best Buffalo restaurants. You might read about gardening, or the ice-boom, or Duke Ellington. But if you’re lucky, you might just see yours truly mentioned in an article about the Buffalo Blog Party, courtesy the lovely and talented Jennifer “Jen14221” Wutz-Lopes.

Hello to anyone who’s linked over from the Spree website, by the way. Stay awhile. Bitch about Buffalo Radio. Tell me about your Rob Ray sightings. Share in my grief over the loss of Studio 60.

13. The article talks about my Commitment Toyboxcellence, which unfortunately has been relegated to the back burner during the last month or so. I should say it’s because I’ve been far too busy, but I won’t say that because it’s simply not true. The truth is that I love Mighty Taco far too much, so weight loss has been slow. As of April 1, I lost ten pounds, or a little less than 5% of my body weight. I was shooting for 10%, so way to go half-assedness!

14. Summer job. Still looking. Need a smrt law clerk for May through August? I’m your man. I’m excellent at research, legal writing, I’m punctual… and I’ll bring you mighty taco for lunch whenev.


Beers said...

I noticed that there is not one...but 2 Garvey's mentioned in that article. Garvey's apparently have some sort of awesome blogging gene.

Leah said...

The only reason that I have any weight loss to report is due to the bug that swept the family...I'll skip the detail beyond 6lbs!!! gross.

Anonymous said...

Would you let me take Maeve to the Weather Musuem when it opens? love, ma

mary said...

i met rob ray!!! he was standing in the parking lot outside my apartment and i slammed on my breaks and screamed out the window "ROB RAY? IS THAT YOU?!" he thought i was crazy.