Wednesday, April 11, 2007

one large pizza, hold the presses.

I just opened up a “new post” window to tell a story, but then decided my version of the story wasn’t really interesting or funny. Also, I could have been accused of plagiarizing defective yeti.

But who am I to waste an open “new post” window? Here’s a pic for you:

Lisa made me a deep dish pizza the other night in a pan that Louis gave me when I moved home from Chicago. I had hoped to photo-log the whole experience but as soon as it came out of the oven my primal instincts took over and that poor pizza never saw it coming. This grainy pic taken by some unlucky bystander’s phone is the only proof the pie ever existed.

(By the way, I’m much better today. That sense of impending dread continues, but at least I can put a face on it now. The end of the semester has always freaked me out a little—this one is just hitting me a little earlier and a lot harder. Maybe it’s because I’m coming up on my last summer break ever. *Shudder*… How have you other 29 year olds done it for so long? I’d go for one more degree, but I’d be too afraid to have my mid-life crisis on the exact moment I’m receiving my diploma.)

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