Monday, April 09, 2007

post-cadbury egg jitters

Today is weird. Yesterday was great. Saturday was great. Friday was great. Today is just… off. A little.

It’s kind of like my body/mind have been in constant flux between fight and flight. Like my spidey sense is tingling. The knife-wielding madman is right around the next corner and shouts from the audience are just making me paranoid. Maybe it’s because I watched Soprano’s last night. The green numbers from my alarm clock had to keep me company late into the night, between dreams about hit-men and Laundromats.

Spellcheck is telling me “Laundromats” should be capitalized. Like Zippo, Xerox, and Madonna. Spellcheck is also telling me “spellcheck” is not a word. Screw you, spellchek.

I think we can chalk it all up to general stress. I’m a month out from the end of the semester, big class projects are coming due, I’m looking for summer employment, piles of reading, tests, parenting, job, toyboxcellence, money, job, parties attended to the detriment of grades, studying done to the detriment of a social life, and holy shit can someone do something about these radio stations in Buffalo? I mean REALLY? DOES FAITH HILL OWN YOU???

Okay, simmer. Let’s count blessings. 1. Yes, I miss Maeve, but Maeve exists and couldn’t be awesomer. We’ll post pics from this past weekend soon enough. 2. Entourage. 3. We’re not in Albany. 4. A promising job lead has me incredibly excited. I sent out a half dozen resumes this past weekend, just in case. 5. Sirius Radio.


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