Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesdays with Snore-y

Tuesdays are rough for me. Class from 8 to 9:30, work from 9:45 to 5, class from 6 to 9. That works out to a fourteen hour day (with travel time), and since Maeve is usually still asleep before I leave and back to bed before I get home, that also works out to 36 hours without any real daddy/daughter q-t. Suckola.

Lisa, who is off today, is not unsympathetic. She said Maeve has been asking about me all day and even sent me a quick “hey there!” via her cell phone camera:

Updates on our top stories:

I’m getting interviews for summer clerkships, so I’m feeling a liiiiiittle bit better about my occupational outlook. One jobby job in particular has me drooling (blogging etiquette keeps me from naming names, but let’s just say this company is the cream of the crop), so keep those fingers crossed for me.

I also got most of the classes I want for Fall, so there’s that. Even a colonial American history class, so thank God for that liberal arts education the Jesuits gave me.

I’m up a pound. I blame Lisa and her deep dish monstrosities.

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mary said...

haha. i just got the title.