Monday, April 30, 2007

You may now uncross your fingers. Thank you for your time and effort.

Friday 4/20/2007 4pm: I was offered this job. Tears of happiness ensued.
Friday 4/27/2007 1pm: That offer was rescinded. Tears of scared-shitlessness arose.
Friday 4/27/2007 2pm: I was offered a job with a bigger firm for more money. Tears of utter relief resulted.
Monday 4/30/2007 12pm: I was offered a better job than I could hope for with a third company. Tears of pain and embarrasment followed. Not immediately, mind you, but only after I did the happy dance and stubbed my toe.


Papa said...

Congratulations, Excellent news!
We all knew some employer with both brains & money would be fortunate to find you.

Scott said...

Ah, but you're leaving guesses to said smart and rich company wide open.

Is it Mighty Taco? Will they pay you in food?

Bryan Mahoney said...

WOOOOOO friggin HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The home office in Boston is doing a happy dance! iT SOUNDS LIKE THIS: Wooo ha happy happy (bang) OW SHINS! mumble mumble hahahaha wooo ha happy hapy!