Sunday, May 06, 2007

My thoughts. Let me show you them:

1. God bless them Sabres! I went to game five against the Rangers and it was, far and away, the greatest sporting event I’ve ever attended. Like a Disney movie it was.
2. I suppose I should bring everyone up to date on the job search for the summer. I decided to go with the final job offer, which I can’t say much about, except that it’s with a corporation that is not a law firm. It’s huge and it’s HQ’d in Buffalo and I’m blessed, BLESSED, to have it. The money is good too, but that’s just the creamy whipped topping on an otherwise delicious dessert. I start on May 23rd.
3. Dr. Annie reads my blog every day, but never comments. Hi Annie.
4. It’s exam week! One smallish exam on Wednesday, a paper due on Thursday, and the gut-wrenchingest, ball-breakingest, anus-violatingest tough exam on sales and secured transactions is on Friday. And I’m pretty sure I’m underestimating that last one.
5. Uncle Dan, who is never slow with a one-liner, also reads the RT. He’s the local hero who was shown on national TV right after the Sabres won in game five’s overtime. Hi Dan.
6. I went to a wedding recently where costumes were mandatory. Now YOU may be an expert on etiquette and YOU may know the proper way to dress for costume weddings, but I was lost. Do I go all out and dress as, say, “Mr. Incredible”, or do I wuss out and go as, say, “wedding attendee”. I picked a middle ground and went as Clark Kent, complete with fake glasses (thanks to a kind uncle) and a press pass, thanks to my mad vizual artz skillz. And since a google search of "clark kent press pass" was of no help whatsoever, I give to the world my insta-costume. Just add suit, fake glasses, and mild manner:


Esther said...

Watch out for am-big-witties on that Friday exam and you'll do fine. When are you ever going to need to know sales and secured transactions anyway? pffft. You'll learn all the corporate law you need this summer!!! (Ok, maybe you should go study.)

Jen14221 said...

Wow, is that really your picture? You're HOTT.
As Paris Hilton would say.