Thursday, May 31, 2007

Personal Ursula

Boy, when your mom starts making fun of you for not blogging, you know it’s time to either blog more or less. In my case, I don’t know if I can blog any less, so here I am.

And actually, this won’t be a real post either, since I’m too busy for words. Let me bring you up to speed, bullet point style:

  • School ended well. Grades are so-so: better than I expected in some areas and worse than I expected in others.
  • Work is teh awesome. I’m really doing real lawyer stuff for real. In a minute I’m going to go and get another coffee, just a like a real lawyer would. Success!
  • I killed a big red spider in our bathroom. It was big and red. And did I mention it was both big and effing red? I had to look it up online and it turns out it’s totally harmless except that it’s big and red.
  • Studio 60 is back for 6 more episodes! Someone’s been listening to my prayers. It might have been God, but I doubt it since He’s the one who created big red spiders.

Also, go here and read my guest blog appearance on Phoeby and her friends. Not really much of a post, just more of an announcement. A happy announcement. It’s all good. Go there if you want to squeal and say “yay for babies!”


Meg, Lee, Sheebs & Baby said...

SO glad you're back! And when you said work was awesome, of course I thought you were talking about admissions and all your buddies here. Sniff.

By the way, did I tell you I got a new job and my last day at UB is June 11th? Shoot me an email sometime.

Mom said...

You are so awesome. Perfect wife, perfect baby, perfect job AND you kill spiders! You make me so happy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being an uncle again! And some extra Congrats on all your other news ;)

Bryan Mahoney said...

WOOHOO! You go, spiderkiller! You're my hero!

uncle buck said...

My first blog response! I'm sitting here watching monty python on PBS, sweating in the humidity, quaffing iced water, and not killing spiders...although I killed a busboy last week who looked just like Toby McGuire.
Please post some pics of your new nephew, I have only seen the posting from Neils email.
Good to be here Mike,