Friday, June 29, 2007

Dear Scott and Leah,

Check this out. I do believe I kicked your booties playing the tabletop version once.

Yes, and then you kicked mine, but by then we'd all discovered the power of the farmer so I couldn't cheat anymore.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I’ve been fighting it for awhile now, but it’s becoming a tough battle to survive. Your Mike Garvey is getting damned old.

I’ve always had really good eyesight. Years of Nintendo strengthened these rods and cones into what is far and away my most powerful sense. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what rods and cones do.) (Heh-heh. “Rods” and “cones”.) But all that has been thrown into turmoil during the last few years of (blech) reading. So...

Your Mike Garvey is getting reading glasses.

I’d never really had an eye test before, aside from the government mandated nonsense they gave you back in grade school. (Government efficiency at its best can diagnose your eyesight, measure the curve of your spine, rule out foot warts, and verify that you still can’t do a single damn pull-up in the same 50 minute period.) But I’ve been getting slight headaches after long days in the library reading about the law or on the internet looking at porn I mean the law, so off to the eye doc I went.

All I knew about eye exams was that they’d at some point make me read a Bazooka Joe comic printed on a grain of rice from across the room and at some other point they’d blow a puff of air right on my eye spheres. Right on these rods and cones.

After all that, it turns out I’m pretty heavily farsighted. So I got a chuckle out of Bazooka Joe, but need reading glasses anyway. Here’s a pic of the ones I chose. A little too Lisa Loeb and not enough Clark Kent, but I’m excited about them regardless:

As if that’s not enough, look what I found. Yeah that’s right. I’m turning thirty in 171 days, I’m about to get glasses, and I found my first white beard hair:

Your Mike Garvey is getting damned old.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Gestation Station

So, yes, Lisa, Maeve, and I are 188 days away from being “Lisa, Maeve, …, and me”. We’re also excited by how many commas were in that last sentence. To answer some of the many questions and requests for info I’ve been getting, here’s my FAQ for little … Garvey.

Are you gunning for a boy this time? Nope, just ten fingers, ten toes. If there’s an eleventh appendage there, I’d be just as happy as if there weren’t. It would be cool for Miles to have some backup for when Maeve and Julia gang up on him. And we all know they will.

Why’d you wait so long to make the big announcement? We told our fams a few weeks ago, but waited longer this time because we didn’t want to steal anyone’s well-deserved thunder. (By the way, Steve C made me laugh out loud when he claimed Esther and I are eventually going to have to sign a non-proliferation treaty.)

Any names picked out yet? A few, but nothing set in stone. One of my favorites was recently crossed off the list, unfortunately. Man, though, the internet is a wealth of help on this topic. The Baby Name Wizard ensured that we chose a not-too-popular name with Maeve (success!) and for … Garvey, my new favorite is the Nymbler. Check it out. You can put in names you’re considering, and it’ll give you suggestions for other names based on ethnicity, sound, era, etc. It’s the Pandora of baby naming.

What are you listening to on Pandora these days? Glad you asked. I’ve made a station based on some of the more laid back tunes by Nouvelle Vague and St. Germaine.

Have you discovered anything worth mentioning? Yes, Bebel Gilberto. Also, all of Nouvelle Vague’s songs are covers sung by people who have never heard the original.

How’s work going, by the way? It kicks ass.

Did you donate blood today? Yes I did. Be nice to me.

Did you run out of baby questions? Yes. I thought I had a lot more than three. I kept thinking, “Man, I should just blog a baby FAQ. That would be a great idea.”

But not so much? No, not so much.

Hey, at least you’re blogging. That’s not a question! I’m outa here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dad's good news

Becoming a father was the greatest thing that ever happened to me:

I’m hoping Number Two will bring to my life even a fraction of the love that Maeve did:

Yup! We’re preggers! Again! Rugrat Number Two is due December 26, 2007, which means we’re about twelve weeks in, give or take. We have another sono this week, so that date might change, but until then, Merry Christmas to us.

Lisa is doing great with her first trimester, by the way, if not a little tired.* We’re already talking names, even though don’t know if we’re expecting a Baby Noel or a Baby Jesus.

Also by the way, our baby is in the middle of that pic, not the outlined thing in the lower left corner. Unless Lisa somehow became impregnated with an invisible baby. Lisa, no more hanging out with the Fantastic Four.

Happy father’s day, everyone!

*of course, that fatigue could be part from being in the family way and part from running all over the western hemisphere trying to find a small piece of my childhood to give me for father’s day. Which she did:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

TtDB v. Geico

I've been saying this for awhile now. (Just not as funnily.) How are minority rights groups not up in arms over this?

(Click for larger image.)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Only because Uncle Buck asked for more pictures...

I finally had the chance to hold my new nephew (my newphew?) today. He woke up just long enough to give me a shifty one-eye’d once-over before again turning his attention to the art of pacifier-suckling. I took pride in being so readily accepted.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any real pictures today (I was too busy uncling) but here are a few I snapped yesterday before Esther was discharged.

Big Sister Julia was putting on a good show. Her attention was torn between a Dora balloon and conversations that were so cute they made your knees weak (MP: "So, Julia, is this your little brother?" Julia: "Yes. He will be for ever and ever."):

Oh wait! I did take a picture today, but only with my phone. Here’s the first ever picture of young Miles with Uncle Mikey:

Also, I should share this too, though I don’t want to take away from a post dedicated to the newphew. I got Maeve up from a nap today, but before I could pull her out of her crib, the little monkey leaned into the railing and waved as I got this picture:

Hi! I'm awake! Play with me! Change me! Take me to see my cousin!