Sunday, June 03, 2007

Only because Uncle Buck asked for more pictures...

I finally had the chance to hold my new nephew (my newphew?) today. He woke up just long enough to give me a shifty one-eye’d once-over before again turning his attention to the art of pacifier-suckling. I took pride in being so readily accepted.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any real pictures today (I was too busy uncling) but here are a few I snapped yesterday before Esther was discharged.

Big Sister Julia was putting on a good show. Her attention was torn between a Dora balloon and conversations that were so cute they made your knees weak (MP: "So, Julia, is this your little brother?" Julia: "Yes. He will be for ever and ever."):

Oh wait! I did take a picture today, but only with my phone. Here’s the first ever picture of young Miles with Uncle Mikey:

Also, I should share this too, though I don’t want to take away from a post dedicated to the newphew. I got Maeve up from a nap today, but before I could pull her out of her crib, the little monkey leaned into the railing and waved as I got this picture:

Hi! I'm awake! Play with me! Change me! Take me to see my cousin!

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Mom said...

NOone waves and shouts "HI!" as well as Maeve and now we have proof! And Julia just breaks my heart...what beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for this blog. I had forgotten to cry today.