Saturday, July 28, 2007

63 days until hockey season.

Overheard last night at the Buffalo Bison’s baseball game:

Lisa: Watch, this guy will probably bunt. There’s a guy on first and a guy on third, but no one on second.
Mike: So?
Lisa: It’s called a squeeze play.
Mike: But the guy on third doesn’t need to run, right?
Lisa: No, but let’s say the batter bunts, the catcher’s either going to throw the ball to first to get him out, or maybe to second to get that runner. Either way, that leaves just enough time for the guy on third base to sneak in to home.
Mike: See, this is why we need you in the relationship. In case we have a boy.


Mike: (After the catcher drops the ball, he picks it up and smacks the batter in the shin with it.) Now, that wasn’t nice.
Lisa: No, he’s supposed to do that.
Mike: What? Why?
Lisa: If the catcher drops what would be the third strike, the batter can make a run for it.
Mike: (blank stare)
Lisa: Kind of like stealing first.
Mike: (pause) Now you’re just making shit up.
Lisa: No seriously!
Mike: Are we playing Calvinball now? Does the pitcher have to sing the Very Sorry Song? Is the score Q to 12?


I checked her sources on the squeegee play and the dropped third pitch. She’s right. Dammit. Calvinball is still hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

And here I thought that I was the only one with a spouse that pulls random facts out of their ass which turn out to be truths...
But I'm with you on the Calvinball, totally.
ps:more baby II not-quite-pics when?
-marie no longer hasselback