Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What I can see from the window of my cubicle

My beautiful mom (now “Nana”) watched Princess Maeve today. They met up with Aunts Mary and Esther, and cousins Miles and Julia. The group captured magical steeds and adventured through the wild unknown, stopping only to lunch on cubed vegetables and pureed chicken.

They raced in tandem, outclassing other, less attractive blond children. They, hopefully, ran into zero elephants, but I doubt they would tell me if they did. Aunt Esther captured proof of their sunny day in the fields and forests of Delaware Park.

And she had the audacity to send said proof to Maeve’s father in a pix message. He was royally jealous.


Nana said...

Your daughter wanted to do that trick where you hang onto the side of a racing horse, upside down, toes straight up in the air, IN THE WORST WAY!!! Look at her face; in her mind, that's just what she was doing. What a lovely day, thank you for sharing her with me.

mary said...

she was trying to do some tricks on that pony.. think pee-wee on his bike...