Friday, August 17, 2007

Katherine is home.

Okay, I've waited long enough. Here's the run-down on our trip to Delaware.

Friday: Flew into Baltimore. Played a lot of Etrian Odyssey on the DS. Drove back to Wilmington, DE. Saw a lot of birds, all of which Lisa named. They, in response, wished to eat her face. Went to a bar with free popcorn and really good microbrew. Not too many microbrews, because someone already had two thumbs and Uhaul-truck driving responsibilities. Who was that you ask? That was this guy.

Saturday: Got up and started packing. Truck might be too small. Continued packing. No, actually truck is perfect size. Continued packing. Truck twice size needed. Of course, that means we needed to take a trip to Lowes to buy some bungee cords. And with so many bungee options at our manly disposal, this is serious business, folks:

Saturday con't: Truck packed, apartment clean enough, we're going to Philly where I was the only one interested in interesting things. The pic below is about ten feet away from the Liberty Bell. Allow me to add in thought/speech bubbles:
Mike, aloud: "...bell was rung most famously to announce the opening of the First Continental Congress in 1774 and then again after the Battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775!"
Lisa, to herself: "More like the Battle of Lexington and ConBORED."
KT, to herself: "What else is here that's more interesting than a bell? Oh, that's right, everything."
Louis, aloud: "We gotta go. A-Rod just hit a homer."

Yeah, well, screw football, we had more history to see. Next was to Ben Franklin's house who apparently married a woman with the intellect of a below average monkey.

That's okay, though. He's dead:

We also got a philly cheese steak that day. I'd have taken a picture of it, but I ate it too fast. Here you can see the remnants of said sub, complete with Cheez Whiz congeled on the wrapper. Notice the bottled water? Healthy!

We did not make it to any gospel event, explosive or otherwise:

Lisa spent a good ten minutes folding her napkin into a goose. Or, as I call it, a "folded napkin". I did the same thing in about three seconds. Make fun of me and my bungees, will you?

Aaaaaaaaaaand, just for the fun of it, here's what was waiting for us at home. A dog's butt and a cute little girl.


Beers said...

But did you lick the Liberty Bell?

mary said...

did you ask a random person to take those pictures of all of you? that would be weird.

Garvey said...

Hmm, yeah, maybe I should have explained that? Katie's friend, Sarah, who knows how to make a bra to wear on her head out of a cloth napkin, tagged along on Saturday and took most of these pics.

Scott said...

My friend Ken and I drove to VA Beach for spring break one year, stopping in Philly & DC along the way. We did not see the Bell or read those insightful quotes from the Franklin clan. We did, however, take photos of our Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches before we ate them.

Bryan Mahoney said...

My office is directly across from the Battle Green in Lexington, where the aforementioned battle took place.
Sam Adams saw the first shot, thenceforth known as the "shot heard round the world."
I had a "shot drank round the world" when I was in the merchant marines, but it wasn't a Sam Adams.