Sunday, August 26, 2007

Smartitude runs in the familey.

Take a gander, y’all:

That’s my cousin, Elise, on the far left. (She’s to the right of JFK, but isn’t everyone? HAH!)

Elise, my father’s brother’s daughter, i.e. my blood relative, is a frickin’ Fulbright scholar. Usually that’s the kind of thing you’d say about someone hyperbolically. “My teacher wasn’t exactly dumb, but he wasn’t no Fulbright scholar neither.” But, no, this time I’m for serious. She’s actually an honest to goodness, bona fide Fulbright – one of only three Canisius College students ever to win one.

I wrote a blog post about her already right before she left for a semester in Ukraine. She’s going back, probably to spend her scholarship on humanity and not on vodka. (Intelligence is relative, as I’ve said.)

This picture was taken at her going-away party held at Founding Fathers. I guarantee she’ll be up on that wall behind us someday.


Esther said...

I was going to post that picture and write about cleavage being genetic. Yer take is a liddle s-m-r-t-er.

Buffalo Expat said...

Mike, I just found this post today. Ha ha, don't ask me how. But thank you so much for writing this. It was really sweet. And you're mostly right about the vodka part, ha ha ha.

And, of course, Esther, I will always be grateful to the family for the genetic gifts we're endowed with. :-D

Miss you guys like crazy.