Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Tree Grows in Buffalo

There was a tree on the front lawn when Lisa and I first moved in. (Two years ago? Was it that long? Damn I’m old.) I don’t think I have a picture. Well, I probably do, but I’m too lazy to find one.

Anyway, the tree was cut down last year after an ice storm we had in October. A lot of trees in Buffalo met the same fate that fall. I remember hearing the flora in our area was reduced by a full third. I didn’t really care about this tree in particular, but it afforded us some privacy, some shade, and even blocked out some of the noise from the neighborhood. (Again, damn I’m old.)

So this spring I noticed a green twig sticking out from the side of the apparently-not-so-dead trunk. Now, I know NOTHING about horticulture. I actually had to look up whether it’s “flora” or “fauna”. I got the definition for “deciduous” wrong. I know how to cut yer basic grass, and that’s about it. Et cetera. But for some reason, I’m pulling for this twig.

Maybe there’s something symbolic there. I don’t know.

Unfortunately, that, and the occasional watering, is about all the support it’s going to get out of me. I mean, what else does one do? Prune? Sing? Fertilize? (The neighborhood dogs take care of that last one.)

Here’s a pic I took this afternoon:

It wasn’t any more than a couple inches when I found it, so at least it’s growing. I’m worried about winter, though – that first snowplow of the season isn’t going to be very forgiving. Not to mention the millionth.

I’ll keep you updated. Nothing else to do. I’m old.

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gabsosteel said...

if you really want to help it through winter take two stakes and put them on either side and tie the baby tree to them. then cover the whole thing in burlap.