Friday, September 28, 2007

Fish, meet Bicycle. Bicycle, Fish.

I have a graduate assistantship through the university, and about 90 percent of my job is getting ready for two enormous annual conventions. This year, on top of my normal event planning duties, I’ve been given the additional task of raising student volunteers. A task that had traditionally been tackled by another, much more capable G.A.

Since that much-more-capable-G.A. still works here, she’s pretty much still tackling that task, even though I’m “in charge” of it. The tiiiiiiny amount of work I really do in furtherance of finding any volunteers is laughable.

I bring this all up because I thought you might like to know the origin of a new phrase that will soon become globally popular. Now you’ll know what they’re talking about when someone says “she was as much use to me as a Mike Garvey in a volunteer-raising effort.” Then someone else will yell, “OH SNAP!”. It’ll be funny, I promise.

Or, perhaps it’ll be reflective. Like, “When my wife went into labor, all the doctors and nurses were running around, doing everything. I felt like Mike Garvey trying to get someone to volunteer for something.” And then someone will say, “Oh no, I’m sure you weren’t THAT hopelessly useless.”

And you'll nod, knowingly.

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