Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Word from the inside

So school has started. More pencils. More books. Even more teachers’ dirty looks. Weeee.

Classes are actually going well enough, I suppose. I figured this semester was really going to be a ball breaker since I’m overloading (18 credit hours per week) and working (20 hours per week) and calming a teething baby (>168 hours per week). But I lucked out in that most of my teachers are fairly, comparatively, laid back. Keep in mind “laid back” for a law school professor just means they only break the hopes and dreams of three or four young minds instead of the normal eight to twelve in a day. But I’ll take what I can get.

I signed up for a history course about law in America. It’s called American Legal History. I’ve had a few weeks of this class now, and the previous sentence represents everything I’ve learned so far. Just so’s you know, legal history class ≠ history class. It actually means you’re changing things up by reading reeeeeally old cases instead of just somewhat old cases.

I’m also taking a class on IP, which is interesting, especially for someone who wants to become a corporate lawyer. Not to mention we get to read cases about Toucan Sam, lingerie, or video games. Notice I said “or”. Although a case about Toucan Sam wearing a teddy and playing Goldeneye would be a welcome diversion…

I’m also learning about Federal Income Tax. I like this professor – it isn’t really interesting material (c’mon, it’s TAX) but she keeps it moving and the text is well written and oh my God who am I kidding it’s painfully boring. I’m in this particular class right now, sitting about halfway back, and at the moment I can see perhaps thirty computer screens. In all seriousness, I can only see FOUR that are open to class notes. (If you’re interested, the rest are divided among: hotmail, gmail, myspace, an article on WebMD, an E! bit on the Emmys, a guy’s fantasy football team (or is it stock prices? they all look the same to me), and yes, Bryan, I even see one guy who has his computer open to the Kingdom of Loathing.)

What else? I’m happy with Trial Tech because I landed good witnesses (more on that later). New York Practice is going to be tolerable because the professor is a talker. The grad assistanceship is… ever-present.

The job search buh-lows. That deserves its own post. I did hold the door open for a guy this morning who turned out to be a senior partner at an area firm. I’m hoping that develops itself into a holleywood-esque plotline where I get a corner office just because someone liked my moxie. “No, you’re right, Billingsly, that Mike Garvey may not be in the top ten percent of his class, but he held the door open for me! That’s the kind of chutzpah I want in this office! He reminds me of another young buck I knew so long ago who held the door in just the same way... a young buck... named Billingsly...” That’s how I see it playing out.

Oh, wait, my professor just broke my hopes and dreams, so forget that last paragraph. Back to the tax code.

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Megan said...

I can only assume (and hope) that you're not gushing about how great your GA position is because you miss me terribly!