Friday, October 05, 2007

Pandora Misuse Blamed For Spontaneous Narcolepsy

A sunny afternoon was interrupted by near tragedy at the University at Buffalo this week when one employee fell victim to a poorly constructed Pandora station.

“I guess I just got over confident.”, admitted the employee, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid further embarrassment. “I made a playlist, just like I do every Friday, but today I just wanted to go a little mellower.”

The employee and his coworkers were found minutes later, fast asleep at their computers.

“I learned my lesson. Don’t ever make a playlist with just Emiliana Torrini, Iron & Wine, Nick Drake and Jack Johnson. It’s like that cocktail they use in lethal injections. I mean, I don’t know what hit me. It all just happened so slowly.”

Luckily, the graduate assistants were saved by a quick-thinking intern who was able to change to a Pandora station featuring Ok Go’s Here It Goes Again.

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