Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You have eyeballs. I have pictures and a blog.

Mo requested more pictures. And honestly, it's been a while since I really bragged. I’m a dad. It’s my job.

Watching Diego is tiring. Luckily, Dad makes for a comfy armchair.

We made it to the Bidwell Farmers’ Market a few times this past summer. Maeve and Julia got to walk around more and more as they became ballsier and their parents became less parenty.

Julia: Dude, what are you doing?
Maeve: Eating a flower. Or putting it up my nose. Haven’t decided yet.

Maeve is a player of games. Nothing on earth is unavailable to her when the mood to play peek-a-boo strikes. Napkins, teddy bears, plates, uncles, and yes, product placements.

This pic was taken during the floor show at Miles' Christening. Man, life is GOOD:

Taken later at the same party. Julia looks just like her mom to me.

I can make Miles laugh!

He's pretty good at making me laugh too:

Okay, on to the main event. Lisa and I were limited in our Halloween choices. I have a beard and she has a baby in her belly. Pimp and unlucky prostitute? Nope, it’s been done. Neighbors Joe and Bonnie from Family Guy? Didn’t have the wheelchair.

We landed on middle ground and went as Earl and Joy from My Name is Earl. Yes, I had a list of sins in my pocket. Yes, one was shaving everything but the porn star ‘stash.

Wanna see the cutest monkey EVER? Done and done:

Aunt Mary dressed up as Dora the Inebriated.

Cousins Julia and Miles rounded out the gang by dressing up as a kitty and a penguin. Otherwise known as two of my favorite Batman villains.


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Leah said...

love love love it all!!!
you forgot to mention the chops on your precious baby!! there's a lot of pearl in that mouth!

mo said...

oh gosh. oh gosh. i can't. stop. my ovaries. ouch.

(thank you!)