Sunday, November 04, 2007

Notes On Yesterday

Part the First
I took a test yesterday called the MPRE which stands for “Multistate Responsibility I Was Too Busy Studying To Find Out What The Test Stands For. Suffice it to say a) it’s required of all law students seeking admittance to the bar, b) it tests students’ knowledge of ethics and professional responsibility and c) it blew big donkey balls.

But everyone says that’s the intended reaction. “Here at the MPRE Testing Center, if you don’t leave thinking you failed and we blow big donkey balls... then we’re not doing our job right.” I’ll let you know in four weeks and six days if the big donkey ball blowers think I’m ethicalish enough to be a lawyer.

For two reasons, I took the test at Canisius. One, it’s closer to where I live, and two, I wanted to see if you could still smell my dorm room from across campus. You cannot! Also different from when I went to college there: they have a waffle bar now. Fresh waffles AND no Mike Garvey smell? You kids have it good.

Part the Second
Lisa took me to see Batboy at Studio Arena last night. I have to say, I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing one of these. It seems like musicals these days are more a parody of themselves than any honest attempt at story telling. Like the creators sat down and got high and said “wouldn’t it be ridiculous if someone made a musical about _____” and then they went and made a musical about exactly that.

But of course, every time Lisa takes me to see one of these, well goddamn I’m entertained regardless. No matter how much I want to hate a play about an alter-boy boy-band, or a town where no one can pee, or about a tabloid-esque half boy/half bat, the people who put them on are just too good. Also, the crowd was huge and alert and not entirely made up of geriatrics, which made my heart warm for the Buffalo arts community.

I'm pretty sure this show is sold out for the rest of the run. If not, go see it.

Part the Miscellaneous
I got my new car! It’s an Escape. It’s red and beautiful. It’s my phat red escape. Hey, maybe that’s what it stands for...

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