Sunday, December 09, 2007


I’m pretty swamped today (AGENDA FOR 12/9/07: LEARN THE LAW – YES, ALL OF IT), but I feel like I should post something anyway. I’m waiting for the lawbrary to open, so I’ll take advantage of a few free minutes. Lemme break down the next few days for you.

Today and tomorrow are my last two study days.

Tuesday is exam number 1, Intellectual Property. Yes, I will be listening to music I downloaded illegally while I study for it.

Wednesday is Debtors & Creditors. An upbeat little class with a message of hope and goodwill. A perfect compliment to the Christmas season.

Thursday I take the toughie: Federal Income Tax. That’s right, the tax exam follows the debtor/creditor exam. Joy to the world.

On Friday I’ll be taking a (literally) 7 hour exam on the history of American law. The conundrum being, of course, that by the time I finish said exam, more history will have been made during the time it took me to complete it. 7 hours! The others suckass too, but at least they’re only 4 hours each.

Allow me to add one more log to the bitch-fest fire – I turn 30 on the following Sunday. That means I have one more week in my 20’s. 168 hours from now. 19 of the last 168 hours of my 20’s will be spent taking exams.

But of course, as I’ve said in my last seven hundred posts, the silver lining is still there. Yeah, I’m turning 30, but it’s still my birthday. Beers, chicken wings and cake anyone?

Oh, and what’s that? An even brighter silver lining that far outshines the first you say? That’s right: 9 DAYS UNTIL BABYTIME!


Megan S. said...

I'll say a prayer that none of those pesky undergrads disturb your studying with baby carrot consumption.

Jen14221 said...

Thanks for the invite to the party. Thanks a lot.

Garvey said...

Megan - My headphones actually broke the other day, but luckily Someone heard your prayer and kept the library relatively undergrad free. Thanks!

Jen - did you not get the invitation? I know I sent one. For the big gala. Keep your eyes open for the delivery person so you can come to my party on the 16th of SomemonthwhenIdon'thaveexamstober.