Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Early Bidet!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little lax in my birthday lead-up this year. I actually hadn’t picked up on that until Esther (the queen of the birthday lead-up) said something about it.

I mean, how dare I, right? I have a birthday each year. You need to know about it. How else will you be in the know unless I keep up my incredibly annoying part of the bargain?

Buuuuut, in the short, breathless seconds that exist in-between the parts of my day dedicated to stressing over exams, jobs, classes, and the kingdom of loathing, I guess I just haven’t gotten into the festivus spirit yet. Not to mention I’ll be getting Awooka for my birthday this year!

Or it could be because this is the big three oh. That’s right, lades and gens, I only have 10 more days in my twenties. Weird, huh? Bryan pointed out how cool it will be that I’m having a baby so close to a milestone birthday. “…when you hit 40, 50, 60, you'll also party for 10, 20, 30.... and that's pretty sweet.”

Yeah. That is pretty sweet.

Speaking of sweet, in both a confectionary and sentimental way, my friend Carrie brought me cupcakes today! It’s my last day here at work before exams, and then I go right into babytime, so she was kind enough to ignore her studies long enough to make me some birthday goodies:

And yes, my phone camera sucks – it actually says “HAPPY B-DAY MIKE”, not happy boat mike”. Although I wouldn’t mind a happy boat. Hint hint.

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