Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And we all know how good the post-deep-dish smoke was.

This is awesome. 100 cigarettes? Incredible.

Right around the time I quit smoking, there was this great ad campaign in Chicago. I don’t know who was behind it; maybe TRUTH or the American Cancer Society or Whiney Prissy Donkey Fuckers Who Tell Me Cigarettes are Unhealthy Like That’s Some Big Epiphany Association of America. One of them, probably.

I kid, but it was actually pretty helpful. From a marketing standpoint, I guess the traditional method was scare tactics, i.e. “if you smoke, you will die”, etc. This campaign, though, like the site Gina mentions, is more positive, focusing instead on the benefits of quitting. There’d be signs on the train, or billboards, and some print ads, and each one would list a different pro for the reasons-to-quit category:

“Two days after quitting, your teeth begin to whiten.”
“Seven hours after quitting, your sense of smell and taste will significantly improve.”
“37 seconds after quitting, the likelihood of getting audited by the IRS decreases by at least a tad.”

Okay, I made all those up. Honestly, whoever made the ad campaign probably made up their own statements too, but I didn’t care. When I was quitting, you could have told me my toenails would subsequently grow straighter and I would have taken that tidbit and used it against the temptation to light up again.

Anyway, Gina, use that 30 bucks on something nice. You deserve it. I would suggest something tasty because we all know your sense of taste has already significantly improved.

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