Saturday, January 26, 2008

Annie was my 100,000th visitor! Or SO SHE SAYS.

About an hour after I last posted (or around 60 hits before 100K), I got a frantic call from Dr. Annie’s apartment. Apparently, this darned internet thingie won’t allow you to simply hit your browser’s back button and turn back the hit counter. Annie fell victim to this abnormality when she visited the RT, saw she was the 100,000th, and clicked into the comments section before she could take a screen shot of her excellent timing.

As anyone who’s familiar with this world wide system of tubes can tell you, visiting another page within a blog still adds one to the counter, so she missed out on her fanfare.

This, by the way, is hilarious to me. Not because I like to laugh at Dr. Annie’s misfortune, but because I... oh wait, no, it’s because I like to laugh at Dr. Annie’s misfortune. According to my blog’s stats, I get few to no visitors after 8pm, so my guess is Annie happened across this post and just hit refresh 59 times.

Oh, it was going to be great! Click Click Click! Annie would be in the limelight! Click Click Click! The center of attention! Click Click Click! 99,998! 99,999! 100,000! SUCCESS! Now to leave a comment AND ALL THE GLORY WILL... BE... ah... wait... what! NOOOOOOOOOO! ALL THAT CARPEL TUNNEL FOR NOTHING! Quick, hit the “back” button! AAAAH! THAT MADE IT 100,002! GAAAAAH!

Cut to Mike Garvey, drumming his fingers together, cackling maniacally.

But hey, far be it from me to doubt the good doctor. I said I’d say something nice about the winner, and she definitely worked for it, so don’t worry Annie. Here are a few off the top of my head, as promised:

When we were in college, Annie always let me use her computer to check my AOL electronic mail. Annie has excellent taste in volkswagens (we both owned foxes in our youths, although mine, “Jezebel”, was both shittier and cooler). Annie lets me use her parking tag, so I don’t have to drive all over UB’s student lots, listening to shitty Buffalo radio stations.

Ah, there it is. Thanks for the attention, Annie.


Anonymous said...

No! Annie is lying! I was the 100,000th!! And my first car was a 1966 VW Beetle! Not really, I wasn't even close. But I WAS 100,032. Congrats Annie!

Anonymous said...

Congrat on 100,000!

More Maeve and Addie pictures please!!!!