Sunday, January 06, 2008

Blog Jam

Well hello! Hi there! ‘sup?

I’ve been pretty bad about updating here, especially considering the fun new addition to the fambly. But, c’mon, can you blame me? There’ll be time to blog when I’m dead. In the meantime, I really should be concerning myself with this ridiculousness:

Like that picture? I hope you do. It really shows off my sweet sweet little Adelaide, yes, but more importantly, I want the world to see my double chin. I have more pictures to share than I could shake a stick at, but they’re all in the other room, so today we’re slumming it with my cell phone. Here’s another:

And on that note, excuse me while I put that knucklehead to sleep. And we’re back. Actually, Lisa put her to bed while I sat here with Addie, eating leftover strawberry pieces. What else is on my phone that I can share? Here’s one:

I can’t say much about the best game ever played at the Ralph that hasn’t already been said by all my sibs. I will say that we managed to buy a club seat ticket online the day before for face value, while ebay had them going for thousands. Neener neener.

Nothing else on my phone, but let’s see what I have saved to my computer. Here’s one from my 30th birthday!

Hoffman gave me that little helicopter toy, because really, what else does a 30 year old and father of 1.5 need? I say 1.5 because this was still in mid December, before Addie.

Okay, screw this, I’m going to get the camera. Ah, here are a few. Addie gave me a couple “cute” pictures before letting me know she was done with the limelight:

Mimi was in town for the holidays and goes back to the deep south tomorrow. Before they got packed up, mom and dad brought Addie’s great grandmother over for some QT:

This is one of my favorites:

It’s an old one, but still worth sharing. It was taken the first time Maeve met her little sister while we were still in the hospital. A lot of people have asked how the two are getting along, and I think the passionate term “apathetic” best describes their relationship. Maeve hasn’t shown any real jealousy yet. There is, though, a definite if-I-ignore-it-it’ll-go-away mentality. Meh. I’m sure they’ll be the best of friends right through the teenage years, right? Katie and Lisa? Right?

Here’s another favorite from when we were still in the hospital:

That’s a Dagwood’s sub, in case anyone was wondering.

I’ve started back at school a couple days a week. Just one class for January, and then I pick up full time again next month. The one class I’m taking now is on the creative application of legal writing, and yes, my professor knows about the Royal Toybox. Hi Professor. I is a good writter.

Speaking of blogs, two have sneaked into the universe that deserve attention. Their authors deserve medals and parades, each for their own reason, but they’ll have to settle for a permanent link on the RT until I can afford a marching band.

Chris is heroically fighting the good fight in Baghdad, and chronicling his duty on My Deployment Page. He’s one of the smartest people I know. It took me three tries to spell “chronicling” right, though, so take that at face value.

Gina is heroically fighting the good fight in an effort to kick a bad habit. I smoked my lungs out for years in my younger days, and quitting was one of the toughest things I ever did. (It was made easier by the fact that I had only enough money to buy either smokes or food, but only slightly. Mike Garvey needed his deep dish pizzas...) Read about how awesome she’s doing in her Diary of a Mad Non-Smoker.

Okay, this is long enough. The blog jam broke. Happy New Year everyone!


megan s. said...

Yay - so glad you're back! Addie is precious and Maeve gets more and more adorable by the day. I love the pic of her passed out in the highchair. As I type, my little bundle (not little - actually over 18lbs at only 12 weeks) is passed out in his little vibrating chair. Aren't little ones the best?

Leah said...

I love your stream of consciousness blogging!!! I do it all the time except without posting b/c I can't find my point. Your's was so fun to read that my adoring audience of 7 will likely be reading it soon. And a big, huge AMEN!!! to the new bloggers. Hope the the Garvey girls and their big guy are well.

Gina said...

Wow .. Addie is beautiful!!!!! Congrats!!! And I can't believe how big Maeve has gotten ... yikes!

Thanks for the shoutout too =)

Kelly Crosbie said...

Did anyone tell you ... you look like Kevin James. Believe me it is a good thing.

PS. Found your site via Megan S's Blog site. You know Joey's Mama.

I enjoy your stories, thanks for the entertainment.