Wednesday, January 09, 2008

QUESTION: What are the 24 most popular google searches that brought readers to the RT in the last month?

ANSWER, in order:

royal toy box
royal toybox
forced perspective matchbox car
i left my heart in sam clam's disco
toy box watch
ladies nekkid fashon photos
lisa garvey porn pics
photography through a key hole
blog dentist visit photos
myspace comments pics rizzo rat
my daughter is a monkey
picture of toy box
lisas toybox
julia eagan
toy box porn site
a picture of dian fossey and her mom and dad
lexis nexis stalk
pin up garv
julia garvey
quotes about dian fossey
garv pin-up

QUESTION: What the hell???
ANSWER: I know. I mean, what are you internet users looking for? You'll have to look elsewhere, whatever it is. Unless it's fashon photos. I have lots of those.

1 comment:

Peter said...

I'm really frustrated, because every time I search for "lisa garvey porn pics," I end up right back here at your damn blog.