Sunday, February 17, 2008


Man, I suck at blogging. Remember when I blogged? Blogblogblog.

Not that I have anything earth shattering to discuss today, but boy, I should just check in every so often right? Okay, here, quick like bunny, are the first ten things to pop into my mind:

1. I bought an awesome new desk chair. It’s awesome. It’s The Mike Garvey’s Awesome Desk ChairTM!
2. I’ve been listening to The Point soundtrack. So... much... nostalgia... I’d find a youtube video to post and completely blow your mind, but that doesn’t really fit into my first-ten-things schedule.
3. Boobs.
4. Bar prep isn’t as bad as I’ve made it out to be. Yes, I’m terrified, but I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring my professor’s threats and focusing on the five minutes of actual, substantial instruction she provides in each class.
5. My friend, Jen, invited me to her aerobics class this past week. I learned a lot. For instance, the word “aerobic” is latin for “Jen will kick the ever living shit out of you.”
6. Ah, um... geez, am I running out of thoughts already? I saw Goodfellas for the first time ever last week. Hells YES.
7. I want a new template for this blog so bad. With a few tweeks, this might work.
8. Cecilia lent me the first two seasons of Weeds and I burned (wakka wakka) through the first season in no time flat. Why can’t all television be this good?
9. I like when gum is old and brittle. It shatters when you bite into it, but then reverts to gum after you chew it for a few seconds. Like magic, it is.

And 10. Now how hard was that? Would anyone be interested in a local, abbreviated, and very unofficial NaBloPoMo? That’s where you commit to posting something substantial on your blog every day for an entire month, but we’d probably keep ours to two weeks. As I’ve said, I suck at blogging.

It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare; any of the nine thoughts above could be stretched into its own post. Especially #3. Maybe not #9.

Let’s say March 1st through March 14th?

We’d call it BufBloPoFo (Buffalo Blog Posting Fortnight), but all Lockportians, New Yorkerainians, Bostoners, Chicagoillians, Connecticutians, and other foreigners are welcome to join in too.



lisa said...

i'll do it!

Esther said...

I'm in. I just needed that kind of made up word kick in the ass to do it. Plus I still have Christmas pictures to post. That's a week of posting right there!

kt said...

game on

wes said...

you JUST saw Goodfellas for the first time ever? what the shit have you been doing for the past 18 years? now go get your shinebox!

Anonymous said...

See and I gt a lot of hazing because I saw it on VHS in 1992 (it was made in 1990). You win!!

I'm in for BufBloPoFo, I post regularly but not every day for two weeks straight that is a challenge!

Yay! Lisa's going to post too!

dr. nic said...

I'd give it a shot.

M. said...

OK, I'll give it a shot, Mike. I have a lot to talk about-- always have :-)

Scott said...

Sure, what the hell. The Connecticut connection will play your reindeer game.

Do embedded video posts count?

mom b said...

Yea!!! From all of us who don't have a blog, but live vicariously thru those that do....giddy-up!!

Jen14221 said...

I'm in!

Jen14221 said...

okay, I'm out.