Thursday, February 21, 2008

BufBloPoFo Rules

Well, damn, looks like we got ourselves a BufBloPoFo. I guess now that I’ve fooled you all into playing along, I should tell you what I had in mind for the rules:

1. send me a million dollars.
2. write a post about how much you hate buffalo radio
3. do a little dance
4. make a little love
5. profit!

Just kidding. Actually, I don’t really have too many regulations. I mean, so long as everyone Pos on the Blo for one entire Fo, then I’m happy. But, for the sake of getting fine print down in electrons, voila:

BufBloPoFo r1. Post to your blog first on March 1st, 2008 and last on March 14th, 2008. I know, I know. Some people define “fortnight” as fifteen days, but does anyone want to post on the Ides of March? That’s just bad juju.

BufBloPoFo r2. Anyone can participate. If you let me know you’re playing along, I’ll add you to a blogroll on my sidebar. Good call, Scott.

BufBloPoFo r3. You can write about anything, but I'll post a daily topic in case you need some motivation. If you have any ideas, post them on your blog and you might just get a visit from Ol’ Papa Plagiarismo.

BufBloPoFo r4. Share something substantial! Feel free to post a pic or a video or a link, but write a description to go along with it.

BufBloPoFo r5. No backdating, cheater.

So that’s the nitty gritty. I can’t think of anything else, but really that’s about as nitty as our gritty needs to be. Oh, if you want something to post on your blog, use this:

And if you want to print out the official BufBloPoFo Theme Song to hang up next to Samuel, use this:


Beers said...

I'm in.

Anonymous said...

I'm writing you $1 Million check right now...Is that Garvey with one "R" or two???? LOL

Backdating? It that like going back to date someone we NEVER should have. Yeah I agree let's not do that. =)

GabsOSteel said...

remember when i wrote you that million dollar check?

i wants in. badly.

Lindz said...

Thanks to Patty, I'm in too, and I'm not even from New York, hell, I'm from the other coast all together. But what the heck! Bring it.

Michael said...

I'm in, yo.

I want the money as well!

Bryan Mahoney said...

YO -
Bostoners here to say we be in the BloPoFo, you MoFo!

Fo sho.

Even tho we po.

Jennifer said...

Count me in too! Although truthfully I pretty much blog everyday as a rule...



Becky said...

I post every day anyway, but sometimes a topic would come in handy.

Count me in!

Erin said...

I was thinking about jumping in, even though I only read about this today...but I neglected to post on the first. Oh well...

Neen said...

Wow so many WNY Bloggers. It is nice to see some local people that will post about things I can actually relate to.