Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He’s a patron saint of sorts. But more importantly, he has a funny name.

Alright, sweet – looks like I’ve got a few participants for BufBloPoFo. Frankly, I’m excited about it. See, if you’re being forced to blog daily, you can phone it in, and just say, “Well, I’d have been funnier if I had another day or two to iron the bugs out of that post.” Then you can stop and think to yourself, “Wait... do people iron bugs? That’d be gross.”

I was reading through my archives recently and noticed the throw-away posts were my most popular. When I only had a few minutes to write, I didn’t over-think anything (which is my tendency – I re-wrote this parenthetical three times) and typically came out with something genuine and at least slightly entertaining.

To me, anyway. And we all know I like to laugh at myself.

At any rate, I’ll post the guidelines for BufBloPoFo soon. Nothing really big, just lines by which you shall be guided. You know... guidelines. In the meantime, here’s a little flyer I made. If you could go ahead and print that out and post it at your place of work and/or business, that’d be greeeeat:


sarah said...

i'll giver a go! all of my posts are throw away posts!

Hoffmann said...

I accept your BufBloPoFo challenge, and to prove it, I have started a blog. davehoffmannkicksass.blogspot.com

How's that for being committed to a cause?

M. said...

Don't see your post yet for today, my friend :-)

Scott said...

Hey Mikey, can you create a Blog Roll for everyone who's playing?

And a button? And a widget? And T-shirts?