Monday, March 31, 2008

League of Extraordinary Children's Cartoon Characters

Let’s say, hypothetically, I was living in the realm of current children’s cartoons, and I wanted to put together a troupe of adventurers. Hey, it could happen. So, since parenting is all about preparation, I need to be ready just in case. I’ve been doing research on Noggin, Nick Jr. , and Disney Playhouse for the last 20 months or so, and I think I’ve finally figured out who would make the best team, if this were ever to happen:

Rescue Pack – he’s is the most obvious first choice for my league. Not only can he turn into pretty much anything you need, but he was actually crafted by the hands of our mortal enemy. Oh, haven’t I mentioned that yet? Yes, Diego is our mortal enemy. Death be to Diego....

Swiper the Fox – he’s a master thief, he can hide pretty much anywhere, and unless you happen to know his kryptonite (shouting “SWIPER NO SWIPING! SWIPER, NO SWIPING!”) you’re about to get something swiped, dammit.

Plex – representing the perfect intersection of technology and magic, this guy could be our experts on all things tech and all things arcane. And he's got a laser.

Uniqua – easily the most prolific of all the legendary Backyardagains, she also has the benefit of her obvious street smarts. Plus, to get her to join my league, I could exploit the fact that no one knows what the hell she is. All her buddies are easily discernable, but what is she? A bug? A turtle? C’mon, freakshow, join our family of irregulars.

Action Fingers – these guys just plain get the job done. Plus, if they can get the invisible remote control away from their handlers, well, that’d be like having Green Lantern’s ring on your side.

Rocket – no team is complete without some form of transportation. The artificially intelligent craft of the Little Einsteins can take the shape of any vehicle. Plus, he’s powered by patting your knees, so high gas prices wouldn’t really slow us down.

Also, SuperGrover’s helmet and cape would have a place of honor in our HQ’s Hall of Trophies.

UPDATE: I wrote this post earlier today and I’m in class right now, trying to put the finishing touches on it, including the hyperlinks. You’ll notice I stopped at Uniqua. This is because I did a google image search for her, right in the middle of class, and lo and behold google brought me some good old fashioned American PORNO. I decided I could wait to search for Action Fingers until I got home...

Thursday, March 27, 2008


One of my mom’s friends often regales us with her tales of high school insubordination. I maintain a healthy respect for this friend-of-the-family (we’ll call her Betty) who has since become a very successful business woman. I love to hear stories like this. For one thing, it tell us that the moguls and magnates are human after all, and for another, it means that conformity to the system as a kid is not a prerequisite for success as an adult.

One yarn describes a gym class exam gone wrong: apparently, while the boys were off playing contact sports, Betty and her high school fem-classmates were required to learn dance. She, as was her em-oh, skipped class the entire semester. I mean, c’mon. It was dance instruction, fercryinoutloud.

When it came time for the final exam, the instructor put needle to record and the first student pranced through her routine. Mom’s friend, who was second in line, got up and improvised her own routine to the same song, expecting one of the easiest A’s ever given. She finished, took her seat, and watched as the third student got up to do the exact same routine the first student had. Then the fourth got up and did the same thing. And the fifth, and so on until it became painfully apparent that Betty’s may have been a great dancer, but was a shitty phys ed student.

I have danced with Betty and she is pretty good, despite the bad mark she got on that exam. She also makes a damn good cheesecake.

Anyway, I bring all this up to make myself feel better about my performance in Corporations today. It’s been a crazy week, and I’m a bit behind on the reading, and though I’ve been good about coming to class, well, let’s just say senioritis has made the internet a lot more interesting that last class’s discussion on whatever we discussed.

Today, my prof kicked off the class with a hypothetical about a failed board of directors made up of a mom and her sons. I have an outline from someone who took the class last semester, so I pulled up those notes and found a similar hypo under the section entitled Duty of Loyalty. Perfect. I raised my hand and give a four minute dissertation on familial obligations and nepotism and negligence and all the elements that are necessary for a breach of the duty of loyalty. My prof’s response: “Well done, Mr. Garvey. That was beautifully argued. But we won’t cover duty of loyalty for another three weeks.”

She may have well said “Stop reading ahead in some other kid’s outline and go back to playing scrabulous, dumbass.”

Oh well. At least I was right. I’ll make a great corporate lawyer, despite being a shitty law student. Now if only I could make cheesecake.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Letters Blogged From Home

I wrote the note to follow for the Letters from Home Program, in which the law school is participating this week. You can learn more about it here:

My Friend,

First, I’m writing to say thanks. Thanks for your hard work, for your staggering sacrifices, for your strength and bravery. You’re protecting a country and a way of life that’s thousands of miles away from you and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that people like you exist. Sincerely, thanks.

Huh. Okay, that’s about all I got. I’m told this program is really to let the Troops know they’re supported back at home, which I’ve done, so what else can I write about? Well, first, I just read the instructions and I see I’m given a laundry list of things to avoid:

1. Messages written in any language other than English
2. Messages that disparage the U.S. government
3. Messages containing explicit sexual references
4. Messages containing codes
5. Messages denigrating any person or group based on age, religion, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race
6. Political or issue-oriented messages

So don’t expect any of that here, sir or ma’am. If you opened this letter because you’re hoping to hear about

la incompetence de l’administration de Bush,
that I’m wearing a kimpy-say egligee-nay,
or that conservative Canadians make terrible hockey players,

well, I’m afraid you’re in for a bit of disappointment. God knows the last thing I’d want to do is offend you, so I’ll keep this letter nice and boring. (By the way, Bush really is incompetent, I’m not really wearing a negligee, and I’m pretty sure all Canadians, regardless of political orientation, are damn good hockey players from birth. Sorry if any of that offends...)

Nowhere in the instructions does it say that you’ll get to write me back, so I won’t bother to ask any questions here like some elementary school pen pal. (“dear penpal, how are you? I am fine. how is baghdad? do you like ice cream? I like ice crem. xoxo, little mikey”) And even if you are allowed to write back, I understand from my military friends that free time is rare for you guys. Don’t waste it on little mikey.

Unfortunately, taking away my questions for you means I’m forced to talk about myself, which is lame at best. Here’s the abridged version: I’m a law student in Buffalo, New York. I’m married to a perfect woman and have two perfect daughters. I’m a democrat and though I can’t see eye-to-eye with the current administration, I’m a died-in-the-wool patriot. I do like ice cream.

I just re-read this letter and I see I talk a lot of smack about W. (Believe it or not, I’m holding back.) But I don’t want you to think that means you have my support any less. On the contrary, you’re already a hero, despite who is at the helm of our country.

I come from a somewhat military background. One grandfather was a ship captain in the Navy, and my dad was in Vietnam. My other grandfather was in the Merchant Marines. One friend and former co-worker is in the JAG core in Baghdad right now. Another friend is going to school on the Navy’s dime this semester, though he had to spend a year overseas to earn it. (I’m kind of keeping him in mind while I write this. I just took out a whole paragraph about the classes I’m taking because I know it would bore him to tears.)

That friend was always happy to hear that there was real support for the troops back home, which is a huge reason I’m writing to you today. I mean, it’s easy to slap a yellow ribbon-shaped sticker on your car (and there’s a lot of that going on here), but you should know that America really does have your back. Americans, no matter how they feel about politics or the war, pray for you and your safety. I know this much: The fact that you’re overseas means that I get to be a student and a father in the US, like so many of my classmates here in Buffalo.

My wife and I are watching this great miniseries on HBO right now about the life of John Adams. He had a line (I’m paraphrasing) about how he had to study war so that his kids could study math and philosophy, which would let his grandkids learn about music and art. Maybe it’s because the country is at war right now, or maybe it’s because I have kids of my own (probably both), but that line really struck me.

And that’s it right there, I think. That’s the reason you have my support, and the support of all the other student/fathers in America. I guarantee we’re working our asses off to make a better way of life for our kids, but only because we know our way of life is protected. Only because people like you exist.

Well, that got a little mushier than I’d expected, but I hope I was able to help you pass the time for a few minutes anyway. (And I hope my letter isn’t disqualified for saying “ass”...)

Like I said, I imagine you only get a few free minutes each day, so I won’t be looking for a response any time soon. But if you’re ever in Buffalo, after this is all done and you’re back on this side of the Atlantic, look me up and I’ll introduce you to my daughters.

Stay safe, fight the good fight, God Bless America, and xoxo,
Michael J. Garvey

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flowers forthcoming

The most beautiful wife in the world told me she’s occasionally jealous of my excessive internetting. So for her birthday (today), I do hereby proclaim I shall not blog anything at all for an entire day. Nothing whatsoever. And you thought you were just going to get flowers.

Oh, wait...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Are they?

So after trailing the Tampa Bay Lightening 4-1 yesterday, the Sabres actually pulled a comeback win out of their collective patoot. It appeared as though they just got good at some point between the second and third periods, and I think I can explain why.

Around 2pm yesterday, my dad was admitted for surgery. Nothing extremely life-threatening, but no procedure is without dire risks. Several prayers said.

Around 5pm yesterday, anesthesia (“anesthetic”? “anastasia”?) was administered, and the surgery began. Several more prayers offered.

Around 7pm yesterday, the Sabres game began, and the Sabres immediately started sucking it up. At the start of the third period, we were losing by a seemingly insurmountable 4-1.

Around 9pm yesterday, the surgeon came out to tell us dad pulled through, they were sewing him up, and he did fine. He wouldn’t even have to go to the ICU. He’d be home Sundayish.

Around 9:01 yesterday, (honestly, I don’t remember the exact times, but it was literally a few minutes after the surgeon walked back out), God looked up from the operating room, did a double take, and said “Oh shit! The game’s on!”

Around 9:01:01 yesterday, the Sabres scored SIX UNANSWERED GOALS.

Oh and also, I was supposed to be there, but opted to hang out in the surgical waiting room instead. Many apologies to Lisa, Alex, and Nick who were supposed to go with me but instead missed out on such an awesome comeback. Expect a rain date!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let it be known

The John Adams biopic may be the greatest thing ever shown on television.

Monday, March 17, 2008

BufBloPoFo08 WrapUp:

Saturday, I caught up on reading. That night, I fell asleep on the couch watching crappy TV.
Sunday, I spent time with my daughters, had dinner with my parents, and went to bed early.

In other words, it was a lovely Blogging Spring Break.

But today, I’m back at school, so it’s back to business at hand: the BufBloPoFo08 wrap up! While I’m in-between classes, I just want to send out a general thanks to everyone who participated, and to everyone who read along with the participants. This was a lot of fun, I think. I learned a lot about my friends and fam, and I felt, if only for a couple weeks, like we web-speakers are connected by more than just a system of tubes.

In the end, we had 30 participants, including your Mike Garvey. AND 17 BLOGGERS POSTED EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR TWO WEEKS. Okay, yeah, that’s only a little more than half, but in my book, it’s hardly the most important stat: Considering I was only expecting a few people to play along, and considering I was expecting those who played along to punk out after a few days, I can’t even begin to express how nerded out I am by the fact that BufBloPoFo08 saw 347 POSTS. 347!

Had everyone posted everyday for 14 days, that would have been 420 posts, which means we (let’s see... carry the one... subtract nine... get out a calculator...) had 82.6% saturation! Oh-ho, I’m nerding all over the place in here.

But of course, silly numbers are hardly why I consider this exercise a success. It was worthwhile because:

-it got Lisa blogging.
-it got Lisa to post a clip of her as a little, hilarious, kid.
-it helped to get DHKA back into the light of day.
-it helped to get Wannabe into the light of day.
-Erin and I are now facebook friends.
-I learned that everyone has a different idea about how to use/load/screw up a dishwasher,
-I learned I apparently have some really good friends who should never be allowed to drive me anywhere,
-I learned one of my college friends is a trek nerd (why didn’t we talk about that in Dinan’s class?),
-I learned at least one of my sisters likes my mix cds, I learned some teachers really are listening, though I still doubt any of the ones I had ever did,
-I learned I’m two degrees away from Ty Pennington, and
-I learned I’m not the only kid who collected Little People toys.

So I think that’s about it for ’08. Congrats again to all of you, and check back here in another year or so to see if I spent that time coming up with 14 new topics. In the meantime, feel free to plug the jpeg below to the sidebar on your blog if you made it all the way through 14 days of posting.

In case anyone is curious, here’s my final tally of all BufBloPoFo08 participants:

· A Beautiful Life 14 Days!
· All Things Jennifer 14 Days!
· Automatic Rebalancing 8 days
· BA Start 14 Days!
· blog, pink and be mary 14 Days!
· Clarence Grad 72 14 Days!
· Couture Me If You Can 14 Days!
· Crunchy Blog 8 days
· DHKA 14 Days!
· Erin-Go-Blog 13 days
· GabsOSteel 13 days
· In Mark's Head 14 Days!
· it's a marshmallow world 14 Days!
· jen's 14,221 thoughts 12 days
· Just A NYC Girl 14 Days! (Special dispensation: BufBloPoFo08 Judges officially looked the other way on Patty’s last day.)
· Lawyers Do Not Eat Their Young 9 days
· Oh Curly One 8 days
· outgrabes 14 Days!
· Phoeby and her friends 14 Days!
· Playtime at Hazmat 14 Days!
· Pretty Bird 10 days
· Royal Toybox 14 Days!
· Shoe Money Tonight 14 Days!
· The Daily Blurb 14 Days!
· The Fourth Row 10 days
· The Middle Child 14 Days!
· The Wannabe Outdoorsman 4 days
· Whoa Mama 6 days
· Wisest is She Who Knows She Does Not Know 6 days

See you in 24 fortnights for BufBloPoFo09!

Friday, March 14, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayFourEFFINGteen:


I kid. I’m looking forward to some time off from the blahg. I love you all, I do. But I’m going to have to rename this event the BufBloPoFarpel Tunnel. Or the BufBloPoFor The Love Of Pete, I Can’t Hold The Baby, I’m Blogging.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Last year, I posted this in preparation for a Saint Patrick’s Day spent at Founding Fathers. By way of an update, I do remember that we played this for a few rounds but finally gave up when we a) realized we could drink without playing a game and b) didn’t actually want to touch anyone else sitting at the table. Oh and c) Barry Manilow was there.

(Also, my next post was this, which always makes me smile.)

A year from now, my life will have radically changed, for better or for worse. I graduate this May, I take the bar this July, and I start a new job this Whenever. By then, we’ll be planning for my Dad’s Super Sweet 60 in Ireland, we’ll have one- and two-year-old daughters, I’ll have lost even more hair (please see previous comment about having one- and two-year-old daughters), and we’ll definitely be living under a roof that we own. To my future self, please update our readers on these things I currently have going on:

-I bought a lotto ticket today. Did you win?
-Today is 3.14. Did you eat pie today? (Get it?)
-I took the MPRE last weekend. Did you pass? Did you ever frickin’ pass?



To my fellow graduates of the BufBloPoFo Class of 2008, congratulations! You successfully found enough time to waste on your computer for at least a few minutes EVERY DAY for an entire fortnight. You are a blogging deity!

To answer your questions, yes: I have been keeping track. I do have a list, I have checked it twice, and therefore, I do know who has been naughty and who has been nerd. Of course, BufBlofPoFo08 doesn’t officially end until tonight at midnight, so I can’t really say which participants really missed it by a day until then. And if you made it 13 days and then missed out on the last day, well, you’re a blogging doody. Take that.

I’ll post the official results as soon as I can tally everything up, along with a bucket of leprechaun gold for the winners. And by that, I really mean a little jpeg you can put on your sidebar.


You done good. Take tomorrow off, I say.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayThirteen:

Oh man, I’ve been compiling this list forEVer. I don’t really blame bad TV on the writer’s strike, but I don’t know the industry well enough to figure out exactly what the problem is. Are the production companies putting out bad programs or are the networks picking them up? Are the flawed Neilson ratings the cause, or are advertisers just getting more demanding?

Regardless, it seems a few of the good ones survived the system, and that’s why I’m so excited about today’s post. I’ve read over a lot of other BufBloPoFo participants’ blogs and I see a lot of repeats out there, so don’t expect too much new here. I try not to get into new series too quickly (more on that below) but here’s a list of the current series I’m most looking forward to:

30 Rock – No surprises here. Tina Fey, who is like a female version of Amy Poehler, is both funny and a looker.
Avatar, the Last Airbender – a cartoon worthy of your eyeballs.
Battlestar Galactica – it’s like Star Trek’s goth younger brother.
Big Love – polygamawesome.
Chuck – Cecilia said Chuck reminds her of me, and I will admit it’s like the show’s creators took cues right from my psyche. Although, he has better hair. And I have a hotter significant other. And a smarter sister.
Drawn Together – Was this cancelled? It’s easy to be tasteless and unfunny, but DT couldn’t possibly have crammed in more untaste and funny.
Entourage – What’s gonna happen with Medellin?!?
How I Met Your Mother – The Onion has an article written by this show’s laughtrack, and they couldn’t have been more right to poke fun. But if you ignore the craptastic network influences, it’s actually a pretty good show.
Madmen – Alex said it all, except that it’s the theme song that makes me drool.
My Name Is Earl – Jason Lee has made me laugh ever since Mallrats. (He was funnier in Chasing Amy, though.)
The Office – It’s just... just so good. Please don’t jump the shark. Please don’t jump the shark. Please don’t jump the shark...
The Riches – Minnie Driver? Gooooood. Eddie Izzard? Goooooood. Whoever plays Hugh? Gooooood. This show had all the earmarks of a shameful failure, but pulled through regardless. It’s funny and smart and suspenseful, and better acted than 99% of shows out there. Like someone had to step up after 6 Feet Under took a powder.
Top Chef Chicago – The ONE AND ONLY reality bit on here. Remember when these programs were called game shows? Or documentaries? Regardless, since this season is set in my second favorite city, I’m going to give it a chance. (Richard is going to win it all, by the way.)
Weeds – Lisa and I just finished watching the first two seasons on DVD and are going through withdrawal. We need a fix man. The worst part is we don’t have Showtime, our hookup’ll have to be in dvd form.

I haven’t gotten into Lost, Jericho, Dirty Sexy Money, or a bunch of other shows that look like they’re the kind of shows I should be getting into. A) I just don’t have the time. Either I’m busy, or my TV is playing a DVRed episode of Little Einsteins. And B) I’ve been burned in the past... sniff. I would have started entire religions on the greatness of shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or Keen Eddie*, and yet they fail where the effing Apprentice is going into its thirtieth unwatched season? Ridiculous.

*To the list of shows I love that were killed off early, I add:
Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Dead Like Me
Freaks and Geeks
Keen Eddie
The Critic

and of course

Arrested Development.


So... tired... of blogging...

Actually, I’m really not, and that’s the second most surprising thing about BufBloPoFo. (The first = 30 participants! Wha?!?) The toughest part of all this has actually been keeping up with all the other blogs. I mean, I didn’t expect to have more than three or four other participants, and I figured those guys would punk out by BufBloPoFo DayTwo.

So, no, don’t expect daily blogging from me after the BufBlo has PoFo’d its last, even if I don’t have to read 29 other blogs every 24 hours. But, hey, if the right topic comes to mind... well, I’m sure I’ll find the time somehow.
Wow. Anyone else weeping uncontrollably because you’re about to get your last BufBloPoFo Topic for BufBloPoFo08? Well, no, neither am I, but it has been a good run. Here’s one for the road:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 14: Link to whatever you posted exactly one year ago (or whatever’s closest), and give your readers an update on that topic. If you haven’t been writing for a year, give us a list of three or four things that are going on in your life right now that you’ll want to update one year from now at the end of BufBloPoFo09.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayTwelve:

This is all true:

I, Mike Garvey, love to purposefully make my car fishtail in the snow, love to strike up conversations with cashiers when Lisa is listening, and feel guilty eating Hershey’s kisses if I can’t first pull the paper strip out in one piece.

RT readers with good memories already know
-that I love the mouthfeel of old, stale gum,
-that I’m terrified of elephants, and
-that I was on Romper Room when I was a kid,

but they may not know
-that I, more than any other person on earth, will forget the doggy bag,
-that my favorite candy ever is the Flake Bar,
-that I thought I once saw a UFO in my front yard,
-that I know I once saw “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka in an airport,
-that I’m a champion when it comes to the cryptoquip, or
-that I, like some of my friends, believe the person who decided some DVDs should have the power to keep you from fast forwarding through previews and FBI warnings needs to die a slow and agonizing death somehow.


OhmyGodyouguys! TWO FRICKIN' DAYS LEFT. Take pride, my participating friends. Twelve down, and two more posts before you can call yourself winners. Winners of some... thing. Whatever this thing is, you'll have won it. And I don't mean I'm holding a trophy in my hands and referring to it as the "thing", I'm talking about the thing that is BufBloPoFo. You'll have WON that. Won't that be nice?

By the way, it looks like Blogger is going to take teh bloggzors offline tonight at 7PM PDT. What does that mean? I have no clue. I think that's, like 14L-niner o'clock Buffalo time. Regardless, if you haven't posted today, keep that in mind because you wouldn't want to get disqualified on a technicality.


I am. So. Sick. Of reality television. Please dear God, someone script something for me.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 13: When the writer’s return kicks back in and all the good TV comes back, what’s your viewing list going to be?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayEleven:

I’ve actually posted this survey before, but the ol’ creativity tank is quickly plummeting towards the E. For what it’s worth, I honestly don’t remember what I answered then (except for the sound I love – that’ll never change). Here’s the plan: first I’ll answer these questions, and then go back and see what I answered before. Compare, contrast, etc.

What is your favorite word? I always feel smarter when I can fit the word “aggregate” into a conversation. And I recently used the word “inimical” in a paper, only to figure out later I’d gotten the meaning wrong. “Dude, your aggregate inimical’s open.” Old: Ha! My favorite word was “awesome”! In my defense, that was posted back in mid 2006 when “awesome” could still be used ironically.

What is your least favorite word? “Niche”. Count every person on earth, and that’s how many different ways there are to pronounce “niche”. And it’s one of those buzz words people use to sound smarter. (Yes, like “inimical”. Shutup.) Old: Wow, at one point I decided my least favorite word was “aperient”. Maybe I was sick then?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? True, honest virtue. And yes, I do still get a rise out of hearing the gospel choir join in – did anyone see Across the Universe? I didn’t, but the soundtrack has a gospel version of Let It Be, and lordy, it’s from the mouths of angels.

What turns you off? Either of my daughters in bad moods. Old: In mid-2006, it was red lights, which still piss me off. You have to understand, though, at that point Maeve was less than a month old. Crying was pretty much her daily em-oh.

What sound or noise do you love? New and old: Yeah, this is still the quick tapping of computer keys. Just something about that sound is like a lullaby for me.

What sound or noise do you hate? The microwave. Why why why why why why WHY doesn’t my microwave come with a no-beep option?!? Old: “Commercials”? Well, yeah, I do hate them, generally, but that’s not really a noise, is it? I was so dumb then.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I’ve always wanted to be a talk show host. Old: Ah, my first inadvertent repeat answer! Charlie Rose, watch your bum.

What profession would you not like to do? Referee. Old: Ha! Yeah, “elephant cage cleaner” sounds like it would suck too. Either way, you have to keep your eyes open.

What is your favorite curse word? Lately, “eff”. Not only is Maeve getting old enough to notice bad words, but it’s just generally funnier. Old: Yes, “ass” is a good one, too. I remember writing this, thinking it works so well as a compound word: assclown, asshat, etc.

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? “Welcome home, my child. Here, “inimical” means whatever you want it to.” Old: Last time, I wanted to hear: “I did the math, and it turns out mom did indeed love you best.” Well, yeah, if anyone has the power to view love as a mathematical equation, it’s the Big Guy. But, of course, we all know mom loves me best no matter what the equation says...

You’ll notice tonight’s marks the third time in a row where I’ve been within minutes of skipping a day. I think if the moderator misses a BufBloPoFo day, we’d run into a paradox, the results of which could start a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that's a worse case scenario. The destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to our own galaxy.

Anyone? Back to the Future? Doc Brown? Anyone?

Also, if BufBloPoFo does become an annual thing, the tenth day shall henceforth be known as BufBloPoFoMonique Day.

Also, also, three posts left!


We’re rounding the corner, heading for home, in the final laps, and other sports metaphors! But even after all this, there’s still so much about all of you that your readers just don’t know.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 12: Write an “About me” paragraph consisting of things your readers don’t really know. We all “like to read, travel, and party with friends”, but your next topic is to talk about the things that are totally specific to you.

Example: I, Mike Garvey, love to purposefully make my car fishtail in the snow, love to strike up conversations with cashiers when Lisa is listening, and feel guilty eating hershey’s kisses if I can’t first pull the paper strip out in one piece.

Monday, March 10, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayTen:

I hate to take my one topic free day and use it on somber news, but it’s really all that’s on my mind at the moment.

I just found out that a girl named Monique died today. I never met her, but she was only a year ahead of me at the law school. I recognize her name. I don’t think I’d have been able to pick her out of a crowd or anything.

I occasionally have to stop and check out exactly where I’m standing in relation to where I’ve been, and where I think I’ll be in the future. Am I doing something that’s worthwhile? Am I putting myself through an experience right now that isn’t going to return some (hopefully, large) benefit someday?

I have faith in the fact that yes: this is all for the greater good. Honestly, if I didn’t have that, well, I’d be playing a lot more guitar hero, I’lltellyouwhat. No – who am I kidding? If I didn’t believe with all my heart that this journey is just a means to an end, I’d be curled in a sweaty fetal position under my desk, hoping no one asked me any tough questions.

I didn’t know Monique, but I know one thing about her – she had balls the size and mass of ordinance used in Civil War cannons. The lady knew – SHE KNEW – about her cancer, about her chances, about the fact that the means and the end were pretty much the same thing for her...

...and she still finished her classes.
...and she still graduated.
...and she still. took. the. bar.

God love her, she still sat through the bar. It’s a test that seeks to determine how much you learned during your three years in law school. How much did you understand? How much do you remember? But Monique took that about ten layers deeper and proved how great a lawyer she’d be. Want to know what’s wrong with the legal industry today? It’s that there aren’t enough people in it like Monique.

Okay, I’m tempted to joke around here about trying to drum up excitement for a blogging project (a bloject?) and then talking about mortality, but I don’t think I need to cover for myself. Especially because I talked about testicles, which are hilarious and entertaining in any context.

Aside from my rather sobering post here, I have to say I’m continually amazed by how many people are participating in the monster that is BufBloPoFo08. Damn straight this’ll be annual. (And if that makes you queezy, just note you’re FOUR DAYS AWAY FROM MISSION COMPLETION. It’s the day before the day before the day before the last day of BufBloPoFo08!)

All that said, since I haven’t had a chance to read everyone else’s posts today, I’m turning the reigns over to a master interviewer...

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 11: Answer these questions:

1. What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite word?
2. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? What turns you off?
3. What sound or noise do you love? What sound or noise do you hate?
4. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? What profession would you not like to do?
5. What is your favorite curse word?
6. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayNine:

Because I don’t have the time to write a proper post, here’s 50 random Buffalo things that stick in my mind:

(1.) Mighty Taco (2.) The Taste of Buffalo (3.) Shakespeare in Delaware Park (4.) Ani DiFranco (5.) Tugboat Annie (6.) Three Dog Night (7.) Allentown Hardware (8.) Watching the 7/4 Fireworks from Papa’s boat in the Marina (9.) The Buffalo Bisons (10.) The Buffalo Sabres (11.) The Orchard Park Bills (12.) The Liberty Building (13.) Vito’s Barbershop (14.) Anderson’s Beef & Custard (15.) Pano’s (16.) Founding Fathers (17.) Talkin’ Proud (18.) St. Patrick’s Day Parade (19.) The Broadway Market (20.) The October Ice Storm (21.) Wide Right (22.) No Goal (23.) Forward Lateral (24.) Wegman’s (25.) The Aud (but tear it down already) (26.) Pan-American 1901 stuff (27.) Promo the Robot (28.) Sponge Candy (29.) Loganberry (30.) Beef on ‘weck (31.) Spot Coffee (32.) Sinatra’s Trilogy (33.) Sylvester Stallion (34.) Breakfast and then Ice Cream at the Hatch (35.) The Allentown Art Fest (36.) The Elmwood Art Fest (37.) Duff’s (38.) Going to Garvey’s Restaurant for Chicken Fingers (39.) The Monkey House at the Buffalo Zoo (40.) Queen City Book Store (41.) Louie’s Hot Dogs (42.) Ted’s Hot Dogs (43.) Spar's European Sausage & Meats (44.) 4am Last Call (45.) Steak Sandwich at the Old Pink (46.) The Photo Booth at Frizzies (47.) The Bidwell Market (48.) The Ray Flynn’s Dancers (49.) Manna From Heaven (50.) BufBloPoFo. Yay!
Okay, day nine is my official closest call. It’s 11:20 as I type this sentence! Can I blame it on the daylight savings nonsense?
Man, these topics are getting tough to answer, no? Believe me, they’re getting harder to write too. So time for you to help me out.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 10: Remember elementary school when your teacher would let you write about whatever the hell you wanted? Well, I’m heading to the teacher’s lounge for a stiff drink, so write about whatever the hell you want. Got a post in you about Van Halen? Mitochondria? Pominville? Samuel Gompers? Spuds Mackenzie? Do it up.

And if I like your choice of topic, I might just steal it for later this week. So if there's something you'd like to ask of all 30 participants (including me), do it up good.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayEight:

Well, about the best thing I can say about the mpre is that it’s over. Of course, that’s made worse by the fact that I probably failed (again) and will have to take it (again) in August.

It really is ridiculous. I understand the desire to institutionalize professional responsibility among lawyers. God knows a lot of us can’t do it on our own. We’re supposed to be a “self-policing” entity. We’re supposed to be held to some higher standard, like doctors, priests, etc. of an ideal world. But damned if I don’t get the feeling we’re suffering through an inane examination so barbri can squeeze a few more dollars out of us before we graduate.

And no coffee at my desk while I take the exam? How in the crappy crapcrap can you force me to sign up for a useless test on ethics, charge me for it, and then make me trudge through a blizzard on my day off to sit at an uncomfortable card table WITH NO COFFEE??? Re-effing-diculous.

But again, for now, it’s over. After the test, I came home, had some home-made waffles that my smart, funny, and hot wife made, and then fell asleep on the couch with a baby in my arms for a half hour. Perfect.

So I had hoped to write a long and interesting post on the state of music today, complete with witty references to how much Buffalo radio blows, but I’m just not up for it. Instead, I present to you a list of what I could refer to as “songs”.

Between studying and blogging, I spend a lot of time at my computer. I’ll have music on whenever possible, either through Pandora, Sirius, Accuradio, or some other streaming site. Whenever I hear a song I like, I’ll look into the band, see if they’re on itunes, or if I can get the music in less legal ways. Of course, no one has time to do that with every song they hear, so a few months ago I opened up an email, made a quick note of the song name and band, and sent it to myself. Then, every time I heard a song I liked, I’d open up that email, hit reply, copy the new song to the top of the list, and hit send. And here’s where it got me:

Winter Windows by Sea Wolf
better already by northern state
Amylase by Cajun Dance Party
Many the miles by Sara Barreilles
Civil Twilight by The Weakerthans
Beautiful mine b rjd2
Fleur Blanche by Orsten
masterfade by andrew bird
? by captain ahab
ed is a portal by Akron Family
Hearts like bears by maybe smith
Cut & Try by better friends than lovers
Second chance by Liam finn
tequila by terrorvision
a better wife by erin mckeown
Let me know by yeah yeah yeahs
never stop falling in love by pink martini
MX Missles by andrew bird
boombox by mosquitos
tangling by gomez
shine on by needtobreathe
? by horrorpops
sentimental breakdown by PT walkley
the underdog by spoon
If you don't. don't by jimmy eat world
supply and demand by amos lee
Mr. blue by catherine feeny
I really want you by arkestra one
Dr. C by alias and tarsier
good excuse by the john buttler trio
creep by the pretenders
sunny road by emiliana torrini
human hands by sondre lerche & the faces down quartet
prozac for lovers - don't fear the reaper
yeah yeah yeahs - let me know

I can honestly say I don’t remember ¾ of these, so listener beware. I admit I like some pretty weird (bad) stuff depending on my mood, so I’m hesitant to even share this. Of course the alternative is to write something substantial, I lordy knows I don’t want to do that today.

In fact, I think it’s time for another nap on the couch. Where’s Addie?


I have a confession to make. I love Buffalo, New York. I love the people here, I love the food here, I love the community here, and at times, I even love the hockey here. Now I’m hardly a Buffalo expert, but I do have my own favorite burrito place (Lonestar) and I know the best way to get from NoBu to the southtowns (33E to 90W to the 400).

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 9: Share your own insider’s perspective on your hometown. Most of you, like me, are Talkin’ Proud, so share your expertise. What’s your favorite way to spend a Buffalo summer day? Which old timey Buffalo movie theatre is to most old timey? What’s your most vivid Buffalo memory (any Buffalonian worth his or her road salt knows where they were when the pigskin went wide right.) Your favorite Buffalo restaurant? (If you say Wild Wings, you’re dead to me.)

If you aren’t a Buffalonian, what should we know about your hometown?

Friday, March 07, 2008

BufBloPoFo DaySeven:

A list of the more peculiar things you’ll find in Mike Garvey’s wallet:

A UB ID card – terrible picture
A Canisius ID card – terrible picture, but I had more hair then.
A Red Cross Donor card – I’m A-Positive, apparently.
A card from the Erie County Board of Elections telling me the wrong place to vote – it’s old.
A Buffalo Zoo Membership – quick tangent: I seriously considered proposing to my wife in the monkey house. Wouldn’t that have made a great story? Monkeys are funny.
A post-it – with absolutely nothing on it.
A fortune from a fortune cookie – “Remind yourself the lion while hunting doesn’t roar” I didn’t keep it because I like the message, but rather I liked the food with which it came. (Red Pepper is the best Chinese in WNY.) Also, I like to remind myself that the fortune cookie fortune writer, while writing fortune cookie fortunes, doesn’t use punctuation.
A business card – Clifton Bergfeld
Another business card – Dr. Michael J Garvey, DMD
A label from a beer bottle that says “Nice Shoes.” – I once went to a wedding in Rochester and realized I forgot my dress shoes after I got there. Did you know you can buy dress shoes from Target for as little as $14.99? At the reception that night, this label was from the first beer I ordered. Why is in my wallet you ask? Duh, it’s keeping the blank post-it company.
A million pictures of Maeve, one picture of Addie – shut up. I’ve been busy.

Do any other guys have this little flap of perforated leather on the inside of their wallets? Someone told me once it’s for a spare key. Because that’s convenient. “Well, shit, I locked my keys in my car again. I do have a spare key on that crappy little leather foreskin in my wallet, but I’d have to get out my wallet, and then open it up, and push aside all my money and then fold out the key so it could… oh screw it, just break a window.”

Okay, now that I reread that, maybe it would be kind of convenient, if this particular situation were to occur. But the imagery of a “wallet foreskin” is too funny to go back and change the joke, so live with it.



On that note, ladies and gentleparticipants, you have blogged EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK. Are you okay? Want some crystal lite? Do you need a breather? Well, too bad, I say! More! More posts! More hits! More BufBloPoFo08! More more MORE!!!

At least for one more week and then I think I’m going to be pretty effing sick of this whole thing. (You 365ers must have butt cheeks of solid steel to do this every day for a year.) For now though, this half fortnight has been incredible so far. Keep up the excellent daily posts. (I’ll be over here getting my ass handed to me by linguistics professors for using terms like “half-fortnight”. If they take my wallet, please tell the ambulance drivers I’m A-Positive.)


I take a small slice of the bar tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me. Every law student has to prove he or she is professionally responsible, or at least that you can pass a test about professional responsibilities. Anyway, starting next week, my study time focus less on ethics and more on passing my exams at the end of the semester. For that, I need some music.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 8: What are you listening to these days? New stuff? Old stuff? This isn’t a hipster competition; I just want to know what’s in everyone’s ears out there. Playlist me. Or, if you don’t feel like making suggestions, open up your ipod on shuffle and just jot down the first ten songs that pop out.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

BufBloPoFo DaySix:

Legos – I did not go into engineering or architecture, but my God, I used to love playing with legos. (But not tycho blocks. Eff tycho blocks.) I think legos had a greater effect on me in terms of subject matter, though. I love all things Robin Hood/King Arthur and I’m a space travel nerd. Props to Bryan and Marcy who gave out legos as favors at their wedding.

Dark Tower/Elfquest/D&D/RIFTS/Dragon Warrior – oh man, I’m really getting into some nerdular nerdance territory here. I don’t think I’m surprising anyone here, though, when I say I’ve played a lot of RPGs in my day. (Honestly, I never really got into D&D, but listed it here because one of the founders just died. It was the granddaddy though, so reverence where reverence is due.) To this day, I’ll catch myself dictating my actions in text-based-games language.

“USE FIREFOX. You open a new window and see there are emails here for you...”
“LOOK KITCHEN CABINET. Sadly, you are out or nutella...”
“BLOG ABOUT HOW BIG A DORK YOU ARE. Congratulations! You’ve lost all your friends!”

Honestly, ha ha, the only way I could have been a bigger nerd is if I spent a huge proportion of my childhood reading comic books.

Comic books – So, yeah, I spent a huge proportion of my childhood reading comic books. Especially Superman and the Justice League. Alex actually gave me the idea for this topic because he posits it was my love of comic books that led me to law school. I read about truth, justice and the American way as a kid, and then eventually become a professional advocate. Not a bad point, if you think about it. Of course, I think we’re all happy I decided to take humanitarian ideals away from my graphic novels, and not jumping off of buildings in tights.

So there we go. Yes, my toys as a kid shaped my life as an adult. Apparently, nerdiness sticks.


Good news to share!
a. Greg can jump higher than anyone I know. Greg can impersonate at least two characters from the Thundercats cartoon. Greg started a blog!
2. Tomorrow marks the BufBloPoFo halfway point! Seven consecutive days of posting (believe me, I know), makes one weak. But once you post tomorrow, it’s a downhill trot from there. Easy peasy, I say.
III. I really only had two pieces of good news, but thought it looked silly to have “a”, then “2”, without following it up with “III”. Um... I got a B in New York Practice. There you go. Good news all around.


Tomorrow’s going to be busy for me, so I won’t be posting until later. Or, better yet, let’s make tomorrow’s topic quick and breezy:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 7: Open up your wallet/purse/backpack/hobo bag on a stick. What’s the one thing in there that no one else has in their wallet/purse/backpack/hobo bag on a stick? What’s been in there the longest, having never been used?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayFive:

Dear UB Law School Classmates:
Indubitably, here in the hallowed halls of this honorable academic institution, the student body is held to a higher standard of behavior, reflecting the same higher standard we’ll encounter upon graduation. What I’m trying to say is: shut the hell up before I papercut the hell out of you with these tiny post-it notes.

Look, I got into law school, same as you, and I have to go through the same motions between now and graduation, same as you. Let’s try to do it without killing one another, yes? You and I were lucky enough to get into a school that isn’t as cutthroat as most law schools around the nation, so there is absolutely no reason for you to make my life miserable.

I propose the below rules. They’re written no where on earth other than right here. They aren’t in our student handbook. They aren’t in the school brochure. They aren’t on a sign in the library, or on the wall in the bathroom. But if we agree to follow these ideas, believe me, our short time here will be better for it. (And you, Schoolmates, will escape my remaining months here with only a minimum of post-it related papercuts.)

  1. Shutting up is a big one. Stop talking in the library. Stop shouting in the halls outside my classroom. Stop, for the love of all that is high and holy, talking to me when I’m at a urinal. And feel free to speak up when you’re in class with me – I like class participation. But if my professor ever says “That’s it for today. You can go early... unless anyone has any questions...” and you raise your hand, so help me GOD, it will have tiny papercuts all up and down it before your fight or flight instinct even thinks of kicking in.
  2. There are, at last count, 75 kabillion places on this campus to buy a cup of coffee, but only one close enough to the law school for me to use in-between classes. Now follow me on this: a) pick out what it is you want to buy, b) get out the money you’ll need to make that purchase, c) head for the cashier. If there’s a line (and their inevitably is), you can fudge steps “b” and “c” a little there, but the point is that you should be ready to pay the nice lady and step aside by the time you get there. If I have to wait for you to put down your humus and tea, take off your book bag, pull out your purse, pull out your change purse, pull out exact change, etc., then I’m skipping the papercuts and just killing you.
  3. Don’t eat baby carrots in the law library.
  4. Thanks for wearing headphones, but you’ve defeated their usefulness if I can still hear what you’re listening to. (Unless it’s Noah and the Whale. Then turn it up, I say.)
  5. Use the parking lot as if you’re being testing on it.
  6. How did you get this far in life and not learn how to use a toilet without pissing all over the seat?!? You’re a graduate student, for crissakes!
  7. Your frat called. They said you took their popped collars and their “brah!” when you graduated, but it’s okay because apparently even they think that’s ridiculous now.

Look, you get my point. A little consideration and common sense go a long way. The less caustic you are, the happier you’ll be, and the less likely I’ll be to papercut the ever-living ipso facto out of you.

Thanks for your time.
-Mike, soon to be Esq.



So I’m pretty much caught up on everyone’s blogs (it’s why today’s is coming late – that, and, you know, life) and it sounds like just about everyone is still at it! Honestly, I told myself I’d be surprised if more than three people lasted more than a couple days, but here we are at day 5 and there are still 29 participants. Looks like Buffalo (et al) really needed something to do in March, I guess.

I’ve decided there’s money to be made in blog consulting. Not, like, giving advice out over a blog, but as in actually setting up blogs for other people. I’ve done three in the last week! Maybe I’ll wait to see if they start using them before I write up the business plan for Mike Garvey’s House of Blog Noobs. (Motto: “Sure I’ll set up your blog. No, I can’t post for you too.”)


Okay, today’s was a little more ire-inducing than I’d like to see. BufBloPoFo is a happy time. A time of love and caring and dreaming and feats of strength. For tomorrow, knock it off with all this angry lecture stuff and just reminisce...

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 6: What kind of stuff (toys, books, TV shows) were you into when you were a kid? Do you think that had an effect on what kind of a person you are today?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayFour

I love questions like these, though this one is about as basic as it gets. I’ve been in conversations where we cast the entire star wars trilogy using only our circle of friends. I once debated with a college room mate who, among our friends, would be the best addition to the cast of Hamlet. But for this, I figured I’d keep it easy and just get our creative juices flowing after a tough Monday BufBloPoFo topic yesterday.

Here’s the Family Garvey, IMDBized:

Mike Garvey: too many people tell me I remind them of Kevin James to ignore that pick. I always thought Sean Astin looked kind of like me. One special flatterer once told me I looked like a young Paul McCartney. Maybe Matthew Perry?

Lisa: I used to say Janeane Garofalo, but as she gets less and less romantic comedy and more and more... odd... that one no longer fits. Now I don’t think there’s any one thespian out there who could pull it off. Someone with the grace of Glenn Close, the presence of Julianne Moore, the wit of Carol Burnett, the approachability of Diane Lane, and the combined good looks of Sophie Marceau, Rachel Weisz, Jewel Staite, and Monica Bellucci on a good day. Maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal times fifty.

Maeve would be played by a precious wrecking ball.
Adelaide would be played by a cute little alarm clock.

Good God, I had a record breaking number of hits on the RT yesterday. More than twice my previous best! If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake. I’d have put on something nicer. I’d have swept up a bit. I’d have written something more entertaining...

Let’s get to your letters, shall we?
(1) I’ve received a few emails/comments from people who have been participating all along, but they never sent me a link to their page. I’m happy to blogroll you, but just so there’s no confusion, send me a link to the blog you plan on using.
(2) Sorry, no cool BufBloPoFo schwag available for ‘08. If, however, you mail me a tee shirt in your size, an appropriately colored magic marker, a self addressed, stamped envelope, and a million dollars, I might be able to make something happen.
(3) I do hope to make this an annual thing! But c’mon, we’re only four days in! Still 10 days of BufBloPoFoing left this year, my friend. Why wait?
(4) I have had a few favorite posts so far. Honestly, I can’t read every word of every post, but I’ve definitely scanned and registered them all. Lisa not only started posting, but she changed her template! Mahooch made the first Xanth reference I’ve read since middle school! DHKA’s return to the tubes has been nothing short of miraculous for his followers. Lindz posted pictures of hot women drinking imported beer – you usually have to pay to see sites like that.

Okay, I gave you an easy one today, so tomorrow’s topic is a little more in depth. Give it some thought, because everyone I know has a good answer for this...

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 5: Patty recently instructed on Starbucks etiquette. Beers and I occasionally talked about the proper way to ride the el in Chicago. Everyone has an opinion on the correct way to hang toilet paper. What do you think too many people do wrong? Well, here’s your soapbox, participants. Take a stand and teach society something.

Monday, March 03, 2008

BufBlofPoFo DayThree:

Why in the hell did I pick this topic for a Monday morning? I mean, I’m not Garfield or anything, but I do hate teh mondais. And this one in particular has been a pessimist’s dream: almost got into an accident on my way to school, discovered a coffee stain on my pants as soon as I got here, my babies are all sick at home, yada yada yada.

But in keeping with the topic, let’s move to the edge of that rain cloud and instead focus on its silver lining, yes?

-I did NOT get into an accident this morning, so that could have been worse.
-I do NOT have to be anywhere today where clean pants would really matter, and I’ve long since stopped trying to fool my peers into thinking I’m not a slob.
-I have babies. Three wonderful ladies. And though they may be sick right now, I still get down on my knees and thank the Big Guy that I’ve got ‘em.

Okay, enough sugary sweet thankfulness. Pass the turkey and mashed potatoes.

Oh hey, I had lasagna last night! I totally am Garfield! Effing Mondays.



Hmmm… posts are already getting shorter and we’re only on day three. But I’m still amazed by the response to BufBloPoFo – yet another thing to be thankful for, right? Right? Validate me please?

I think I’ll keep this format from now on. One section talking about the day’s topic, one section just generally talking about the beast that is BufBlohergbloforp, and one section with the next day’s topic.

Also, BufBloPoFo isn’t Twin Peaks, so if anyone wants to join in midway through, that’s cool with this panel of judges. Automatic Rebalancing just jumped in, for example, and posted twice as a penance. Believe me, nothing closer to Everybody-Gets-A-Trophy Day has ever been attempted on the internet.


Alright, let’s do an easy one.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 4: Who would play you in a movie? Who would play me?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayTwo:

The best gift I’ve ever gotten? Well damn, I seem to have asked a question I don’t really know how to answer. I mean, no one ever gives me stuff.

Okay, dad, put the monitor down, I was kidding. Pry mom off the ceiling.

The gift of life notwithstanding, I’m still having trouble picking from a pretty incredible list. I should point out this topic sort of indirectly planted the thought seed that would eventually become our little BufBloPoFo. To get to the start of that story, we need to go back about a year. One of my favorite pro-blogs, Defective Yeti, spent a week pulling topics at random from a book called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, by Margaret Mason. I followed that week closely, and remember thinking it would be a decent way to fend off writer’s block.

In particular, one day had this topic, about the author’s favorite gift.

Anyway, I forgot about the blog book until this Christmas when I got it as a gift from Esther. Sorry, Est, I can’t say it was the best gift I’ve ever gotten (you’ve got some stiff competition), but it definitely ranks up there. See, Esther is my academic, professional, and parenting advisor and it meant a lot to me that she’d buy me something that had to do with none of those. As if to say, “Hey little bro, you’re doin’ fine in all these other respects, so here’s something that’ll help you goof off during your downtime.”

Ain’t she sweet?


So there you go. Not entirely in keeping with the assigned topic, but so long as one posts on time, the BufBloPoFo judges aren’t too picky.

If you haven’t already, go read Katie’s post from yesterday, where she noted this:

“Let's do some quick math, there is a possibility that there will be 19 new blogs everyday....EVERYDAY. On an average blog i spend between 1-5 minutes reading them. Why you ask? Because shiny things distract me and I have the attention span of a sea monkey... So for the next 2 weeks roughly i could be spending up to 95 minutes a day reading blogs. 95 MINUTES!”

I love this math. The better news is that as of yesterday at midnight, BufBloPoFo08 actually has 23 participants, so, KT, you’re up to 115 minutes per day.

Also, if there’s anyone else out there who is playing along but I haven’t added you to the list on my sidebar, speak up! I love that people I don’t even know are doing this, and like KT, I’m happy to have that many more blogs to read even after March 14th has come and gone.

That said, here’s your topic for tomorrie:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 3: Those who know me know I tend to look for what’s wrong with something. I’m a happy man, but a consummate pessimist. Ignore the same tendencies you may have and write about the things that went right today. Plenty of Wegmans brand raisin bran for breakfast? All green lights on the way to work or to school or to Wegmans to buy more raisin bran? Maybe other good things happened that were not cereal related? Share!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayOne:

Ladies and gentlemans, participants and lookers-on, BufBloPoFo 2008... is... ALIVE.

It seems to have already started without me, actually. As I type this, it’s already mid afternoon. Hardly the 12:00:01am posting time I hoped for, but whens you gots kids, your sleeping pattern is kind of dictated for you’s. So I’m posting now, stepping over the severed red ribbon at the front door of BufBloPoFo 2008. Welcome!

Yesterday, I asked you to talk about your blog, so allow me to take a taste of my own webicine. (That’s “medicine” on the “web”. I’m damned clever.)

The Royal Toybox kicked off November 11, 2004. I first heard the word blog in a Doonesbury strip that talked about flash mobs and Howard Dean. (Trivia – I didn’t start a blog until after BA Start explained to me what it was. Until then, I figured you had to like impromptu, loosely organized gatherings in support of politicians.)

Anyway, I was in business school at the time, going after my MBA. I was concentrating in marketing, so the idea of self promotion was never far from my consciousness. Because I was always either studying or courting that hot young Lisa, I didn’t get to see a lot of my friends, and figured a website was a good way to keep in touch with them.

The name “Royal Toybox” came from a discussion a college room mate and I once had. We were (drunk and) trying to top each other’s idea of the best porno website name. “Royal Toybox” was not only aurally (hehe) catchy with its repeating “-oy” sound, but a) suggested an air of depravity on a regal scale, and b) had a sexual euphemism right in it! Brilliant!

The template I chose at random. I’ve kept it because I’m too chickenshit to try anything else, even though I hate it. I get hate-mail when I change the order of my sidebar links list, so if I ever do pick something new, I’d better make sure I have enough time to make it right. Then again, I do like the color scheme. mmm... shades of orange and blueeeee....

Well well! Look at us! We’re through day one! Check out the roll call for all the Buffalo Blog Posting Fortnight (the “BufBloPoFoRoCa”?) over to the right to see who else remembered to post today. And for you participants, here’s your homework:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 2: What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten? (Subtopic: What should I get Lisa for her birthday? (On 3/22.))