Monday, March 03, 2008

BufBlofPoFo DayThree:

Why in the hell did I pick this topic for a Monday morning? I mean, I’m not Garfield or anything, but I do hate teh mondais. And this one in particular has been a pessimist’s dream: almost got into an accident on my way to school, discovered a coffee stain on my pants as soon as I got here, my babies are all sick at home, yada yada yada.

But in keeping with the topic, let’s move to the edge of that rain cloud and instead focus on its silver lining, yes?

-I did NOT get into an accident this morning, so that could have been worse.
-I do NOT have to be anywhere today where clean pants would really matter, and I’ve long since stopped trying to fool my peers into thinking I’m not a slob.
-I have babies. Three wonderful ladies. And though they may be sick right now, I still get down on my knees and thank the Big Guy that I’ve got ‘em.

Okay, enough sugary sweet thankfulness. Pass the turkey and mashed potatoes.

Oh hey, I had lasagna last night! I totally am Garfield! Effing Mondays.



Hmmm… posts are already getting shorter and we’re only on day three. But I’m still amazed by the response to BufBloPoFo – yet another thing to be thankful for, right? Right? Validate me please?

I think I’ll keep this format from now on. One section talking about the day’s topic, one section just generally talking about the beast that is BufBlohergbloforp, and one section with the next day’s topic.

Also, BufBloPoFo isn’t Twin Peaks, so if anyone wants to join in midway through, that’s cool with this panel of judges. Automatic Rebalancing just jumped in, for example, and posted twice as a penance. Believe me, nothing closer to Everybody-Gets-A-Trophy Day has ever been attempted on the internet.


Alright, let’s do an easy one.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 4: Who would play you in a movie? Who would play me?


goose said...

thank you for accepting my penance, blogfather, now do I get added to the list on the right hand side, am I officially in?

Lindz said...

Sorry I cheated and haven't been blogging about the topic de jour. I'll get on that today.

Anonymous said...

Gald to hear you are ok...I agree this was quite the topic for a Monday!

Erin said...

Oh, heck...add me. I missed posting the first day, and I can't promise to always post about the daily topic, but I'm in. :)