Saturday, March 08, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayEight:

Well, about the best thing I can say about the mpre is that it’s over. Of course, that’s made worse by the fact that I probably failed (again) and will have to take it (again) in August.

It really is ridiculous. I understand the desire to institutionalize professional responsibility among lawyers. God knows a lot of us can’t do it on our own. We’re supposed to be a “self-policing” entity. We’re supposed to be held to some higher standard, like doctors, priests, etc. of an ideal world. But damned if I don’t get the feeling we’re suffering through an inane examination so barbri can squeeze a few more dollars out of us before we graduate.

And no coffee at my desk while I take the exam? How in the crappy crapcrap can you force me to sign up for a useless test on ethics, charge me for it, and then make me trudge through a blizzard on my day off to sit at an uncomfortable card table WITH NO COFFEE??? Re-effing-diculous.

But again, for now, it’s over. After the test, I came home, had some home-made waffles that my smart, funny, and hot wife made, and then fell asleep on the couch with a baby in my arms for a half hour. Perfect.

So I had hoped to write a long and interesting post on the state of music today, complete with witty references to how much Buffalo radio blows, but I’m just not up for it. Instead, I present to you a list of what I could refer to as “songs”.

Between studying and blogging, I spend a lot of time at my computer. I’ll have music on whenever possible, either through Pandora, Sirius, Accuradio, or some other streaming site. Whenever I hear a song I like, I’ll look into the band, see if they’re on itunes, or if I can get the music in less legal ways. Of course, no one has time to do that with every song they hear, so a few months ago I opened up an email, made a quick note of the song name and band, and sent it to myself. Then, every time I heard a song I liked, I’d open up that email, hit reply, copy the new song to the top of the list, and hit send. And here’s where it got me:

Winter Windows by Sea Wolf
better already by northern state
Amylase by Cajun Dance Party
Many the miles by Sara Barreilles
Civil Twilight by The Weakerthans
Beautiful mine b rjd2
Fleur Blanche by Orsten
masterfade by andrew bird
? by captain ahab
ed is a portal by Akron Family
Hearts like bears by maybe smith
Cut & Try by better friends than lovers
Second chance by Liam finn
tequila by terrorvision
a better wife by erin mckeown
Let me know by yeah yeah yeahs
never stop falling in love by pink martini
MX Missles by andrew bird
boombox by mosquitos
tangling by gomez
shine on by needtobreathe
? by horrorpops
sentimental breakdown by PT walkley
the underdog by spoon
If you don't. don't by jimmy eat world
supply and demand by amos lee
Mr. blue by catherine feeny
I really want you by arkestra one
Dr. C by alias and tarsier
good excuse by the john buttler trio
creep by the pretenders
sunny road by emiliana torrini
human hands by sondre lerche & the faces down quartet
prozac for lovers - don't fear the reaper
yeah yeah yeahs - let me know

I can honestly say I don’t remember ¾ of these, so listener beware. I admit I like some pretty weird (bad) stuff depending on my mood, so I’m hesitant to even share this. Of course the alternative is to write something substantial, I lordy knows I don’t want to do that today.

In fact, I think it’s time for another nap on the couch. Where’s Addie?


I have a confession to make. I love Buffalo, New York. I love the people here, I love the food here, I love the community here, and at times, I even love the hockey here. Now I’m hardly a Buffalo expert, but I do have my own favorite burrito place (Lonestar) and I know the best way to get from NoBu to the southtowns (33E to 90W to the 400).

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 9: Share your own insider’s perspective on your hometown. Most of you, like me, are Talkin’ Proud, so share your expertise. What’s your favorite way to spend a Buffalo summer day? Which old timey Buffalo movie theatre is to most old timey? What’s your most vivid Buffalo memory (any Buffalonian worth his or her road salt knows where they were when the pigskin went wide right.) Your favorite Buffalo restaurant? (If you say Wild Wings, you’re dead to me.)

If you aren’t a Buffalonian, what should we know about your hometown?


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing...listen to a song on pandora, create and email and then send it to my home email to get songs! I thought it was just me!

Peter said...

Try this: