Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayFour

I love questions like these, though this one is about as basic as it gets. I’ve been in conversations where we cast the entire star wars trilogy using only our circle of friends. I once debated with a college room mate who, among our friends, would be the best addition to the cast of Hamlet. But for this, I figured I’d keep it easy and just get our creative juices flowing after a tough Monday BufBloPoFo topic yesterday.

Here’s the Family Garvey, IMDBized:

Mike Garvey: too many people tell me I remind them of Kevin James to ignore that pick. I always thought Sean Astin looked kind of like me. One special flatterer once told me I looked like a young Paul McCartney. Maybe Matthew Perry?

Lisa: I used to say Janeane Garofalo, but as she gets less and less romantic comedy and more and more... odd... that one no longer fits. Now I don’t think there’s any one thespian out there who could pull it off. Someone with the grace of Glenn Close, the presence of Julianne Moore, the wit of Carol Burnett, the approachability of Diane Lane, and the combined good looks of Sophie Marceau, Rachel Weisz, Jewel Staite, and Monica Bellucci on a good day. Maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal times fifty.

Maeve would be played by a precious wrecking ball.
Adelaide would be played by a cute little alarm clock.

Good God, I had a record breaking number of hits on the RT yesterday. More than twice my previous best! If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake. I’d have put on something nicer. I’d have swept up a bit. I’d have written something more entertaining...

Let’s get to your letters, shall we?
(1) I’ve received a few emails/comments from people who have been participating all along, but they never sent me a link to their page. I’m happy to blogroll you, but just so there’s no confusion, send me a link to the blog you plan on using.
(2) Sorry, no cool BufBloPoFo schwag available for ‘08. If, however, you mail me a tee shirt in your size, an appropriately colored magic marker, a self addressed, stamped envelope, and a million dollars, I might be able to make something happen.
(3) I do hope to make this an annual thing! But c’mon, we’re only four days in! Still 10 days of BufBloPoFoing left this year, my friend. Why wait?
(4) I have had a few favorite posts so far. Honestly, I can’t read every word of every post, but I’ve definitely scanned and registered them all. Lisa not only started posting, but she changed her template! Mahooch made the first Xanth reference I’ve read since middle school! DHKA’s return to the tubes has been nothing short of miraculous for his followers. Lindz posted pictures of hot women drinking imported beer – you usually have to pay to see sites like that.

Okay, I gave you an easy one today, so tomorrow’s topic is a little more in depth. Give it some thought, because everyone I know has a good answer for this...

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 5: Patty recently instructed on Starbucks etiquette. Beers and I occasionally talked about the proper way to ride the el in Chicago. Everyone has an opinion on the correct way to hang toilet paper. What do you think too many people do wrong? Well, here’s your soapbox, participants. Take a stand and teach society something.


Anonymous said...

today's was hard but I let the pictures make the call!

looking forward to tomorrows topic!

Lindz said...

Tomorrow's topic is fab... but awfully broad, I'll have to think long and hard about what everyone does wrong :)

P.S. thanks for the shout out

Julie said...

Hey Mike,

Leah led me to your blog, so I'm going for it. Great topics!

Julie said...

oh, and my blog is



Garvey said...

Hi Julie! Welcome!

Bryan Mahoney said...

Waitaminnit ... You actually GOT that Xanth reference?
Uh, kudos to you, but dude, no need to admit that you got the Xanth reference.
P.S. thanks for the shoutout.

Garvey said...

Mahoney: I always wanted to be Crombie.

Alex said...

Dude, cafepress site. No cost to you, and you can sell the aforementioned schwag at cost to us.