Friday, March 14, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayFourEFFINGteen:


I kid. I’m looking forward to some time off from the blahg. I love you all, I do. But I’m going to have to rename this event the BufBloPoFarpel Tunnel. Or the BufBloPoFor The Love Of Pete, I Can’t Hold The Baby, I’m Blogging.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Last year, I posted this in preparation for a Saint Patrick’s Day spent at Founding Fathers. By way of an update, I do remember that we played this for a few rounds but finally gave up when we a) realized we could drink without playing a game and b) didn’t actually want to touch anyone else sitting at the table. Oh and c) Barry Manilow was there.

(Also, my next post was this, which always makes me smile.)

A year from now, my life will have radically changed, for better or for worse. I graduate this May, I take the bar this July, and I start a new job this Whenever. By then, we’ll be planning for my Dad’s Super Sweet 60 in Ireland, we’ll have one- and two-year-old daughters, I’ll have lost even more hair (please see previous comment about having one- and two-year-old daughters), and we’ll definitely be living under a roof that we own. To my future self, please update our readers on these things I currently have going on:

-I bought a lotto ticket today. Did you win?
-Today is 3.14. Did you eat pie today? (Get it?)
-I took the MPRE last weekend. Did you pass? Did you ever frickin’ pass?



To my fellow graduates of the BufBloPoFo Class of 2008, congratulations! You successfully found enough time to waste on your computer for at least a few minutes EVERY DAY for an entire fortnight. You are a blogging deity!

To answer your questions, yes: I have been keeping track. I do have a list, I have checked it twice, and therefore, I do know who has been naughty and who has been nerd. Of course, BufBlofPoFo08 doesn’t officially end until tonight at midnight, so I can’t really say which participants really missed it by a day until then. And if you made it 13 days and then missed out on the last day, well, you’re a blogging doody. Take that.

I’ll post the official results as soon as I can tally everything up, along with a bucket of leprechaun gold for the winners. And by that, I really mean a little jpeg you can put on your sidebar.


You done good. Take tomorrow off, I say.

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