Sunday, March 09, 2008

BufBloPoFo DayNine:

Because I don’t have the time to write a proper post, here’s 50 random Buffalo things that stick in my mind:

(1.) Mighty Taco (2.) The Taste of Buffalo (3.) Shakespeare in Delaware Park (4.) Ani DiFranco (5.) Tugboat Annie (6.) Three Dog Night (7.) Allentown Hardware (8.) Watching the 7/4 Fireworks from Papa’s boat in the Marina (9.) The Buffalo Bisons (10.) The Buffalo Sabres (11.) The Orchard Park Bills (12.) The Liberty Building (13.) Vito’s Barbershop (14.) Anderson’s Beef & Custard (15.) Pano’s (16.) Founding Fathers (17.) Talkin’ Proud (18.) St. Patrick’s Day Parade (19.) The Broadway Market (20.) The October Ice Storm (21.) Wide Right (22.) No Goal (23.) Forward Lateral (24.) Wegman’s (25.) The Aud (but tear it down already) (26.) Pan-American 1901 stuff (27.) Promo the Robot (28.) Sponge Candy (29.) Loganberry (30.) Beef on ‘weck (31.) Spot Coffee (32.) Sinatra’s Trilogy (33.) Sylvester Stallion (34.) Breakfast and then Ice Cream at the Hatch (35.) The Allentown Art Fest (36.) The Elmwood Art Fest (37.) Duff’s (38.) Going to Garvey’s Restaurant for Chicken Fingers (39.) The Monkey House at the Buffalo Zoo (40.) Queen City Book Store (41.) Louie’s Hot Dogs (42.) Ted’s Hot Dogs (43.) Spar's European Sausage & Meats (44.) 4am Last Call (45.) Steak Sandwich at the Old Pink (46.) The Photo Booth at Frizzies (47.) The Bidwell Market (48.) The Ray Flynn’s Dancers (49.) Manna From Heaven (50.) BufBloPoFo. Yay!
Okay, day nine is my official closest call. It’s 11:20 as I type this sentence! Can I blame it on the daylight savings nonsense?
Man, these topics are getting tough to answer, no? Believe me, they’re getting harder to write too. So time for you to help me out.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 10: Remember elementary school when your teacher would let you write about whatever the hell you wanted? Well, I’m heading to the teacher’s lounge for a stiff drink, so write about whatever the hell you want. Got a post in you about Van Halen? Mitochondria? Pominville? Samuel Gompers? Spuds Mackenzie? Do it up.

And if I like your choice of topic, I might just steal it for later this week. So if there's something you'd like to ask of all 30 participants (including me), do it up good.

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Anonymous said...

I liked this topic. I even joined in for a single day myself.