Friday, March 07, 2008

BufBloPoFo DaySeven:

A list of the more peculiar things you’ll find in Mike Garvey’s wallet:

A UB ID card – terrible picture
A Canisius ID card – terrible picture, but I had more hair then.
A Red Cross Donor card – I’m A-Positive, apparently.
A card from the Erie County Board of Elections telling me the wrong place to vote – it’s old.
A Buffalo Zoo Membership – quick tangent: I seriously considered proposing to my wife in the monkey house. Wouldn’t that have made a great story? Monkeys are funny.
A post-it – with absolutely nothing on it.
A fortune from a fortune cookie – “Remind yourself the lion while hunting doesn’t roar” I didn’t keep it because I like the message, but rather I liked the food with which it came. (Red Pepper is the best Chinese in WNY.) Also, I like to remind myself that the fortune cookie fortune writer, while writing fortune cookie fortunes, doesn’t use punctuation.
A business card – Clifton Bergfeld
Another business card – Dr. Michael J Garvey, DMD
A label from a beer bottle that says “Nice Shoes.” – I once went to a wedding in Rochester and realized I forgot my dress shoes after I got there. Did you know you can buy dress shoes from Target for as little as $14.99? At the reception that night, this label was from the first beer I ordered. Why is in my wallet you ask? Duh, it’s keeping the blank post-it company.
A million pictures of Maeve, one picture of Addie – shut up. I’ve been busy.

Do any other guys have this little flap of perforated leather on the inside of their wallets? Someone told me once it’s for a spare key. Because that’s convenient. “Well, shit, I locked my keys in my car again. I do have a spare key on that crappy little leather foreskin in my wallet, but I’d have to get out my wallet, and then open it up, and push aside all my money and then fold out the key so it could… oh screw it, just break a window.”

Okay, now that I reread that, maybe it would be kind of convenient, if this particular situation were to occur. But the imagery of a “wallet foreskin” is too funny to go back and change the joke, so live with it.



On that note, ladies and gentleparticipants, you have blogged EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK. Are you okay? Want some crystal lite? Do you need a breather? Well, too bad, I say! More! More posts! More hits! More BufBloPoFo08! More more MORE!!!

At least for one more week and then I think I’m going to be pretty effing sick of this whole thing. (You 365ers must have butt cheeks of solid steel to do this every day for a year.) For now though, this half fortnight has been incredible so far. Keep up the excellent daily posts. (I’ll be over here getting my ass handed to me by linguistics professors for using terms like “half-fortnight”. If they take my wallet, please tell the ambulance drivers I’m A-Positive.)


I take a small slice of the bar tomorrow, so cross your fingers for me. Every law student has to prove he or she is professionally responsible, or at least that you can pass a test about professional responsibilities. Anyway, starting next week, my study time focus less on ethics and more on passing my exams at the end of the semester. For that, I need some music.

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 8: What are you listening to these days? New stuff? Old stuff? This isn’t a hipster competition; I just want to know what’s in everyone’s ears out there. Playlist me. Or, if you don’t feel like making suggestions, open up your ipod on shuffle and just jot down the first ten songs that pop out.


M. said...

Mike, the MPRE is hard, but you can do it :) I passed the 1st time by answering according to my gut, and then choosing the next most obvisous answer ;-) you'll be fine!

Jennifer said...

Damn MPRE. I remember doing well enough to pass with the *grandfathered* in score for NY State but just coming just short of the new standard. I also didn't do anything to prepare for the test but one review class. And now, I don't need it anyway!

Esther said...

I failed it once. Then had to take it again on my birthday. Shouldn't that be some sort of non-test-taking holiday?