Thursday, March 06, 2008

BufBloPoFo DaySix:

Legos – I did not go into engineering or architecture, but my God, I used to love playing with legos. (But not tycho blocks. Eff tycho blocks.) I think legos had a greater effect on me in terms of subject matter, though. I love all things Robin Hood/King Arthur and I’m a space travel nerd. Props to Bryan and Marcy who gave out legos as favors at their wedding.

Dark Tower/Elfquest/D&D/RIFTS/Dragon Warrior – oh man, I’m really getting into some nerdular nerdance territory here. I don’t think I’m surprising anyone here, though, when I say I’ve played a lot of RPGs in my day. (Honestly, I never really got into D&D, but listed it here because one of the founders just died. It was the granddaddy though, so reverence where reverence is due.) To this day, I’ll catch myself dictating my actions in text-based-games language.

“USE FIREFOX. You open a new window and see there are emails here for you...”
“LOOK KITCHEN CABINET. Sadly, you are out or nutella...”
“BLOG ABOUT HOW BIG A DORK YOU ARE. Congratulations! You’ve lost all your friends!”

Honestly, ha ha, the only way I could have been a bigger nerd is if I spent a huge proportion of my childhood reading comic books.

Comic books – So, yeah, I spent a huge proportion of my childhood reading comic books. Especially Superman and the Justice League. Alex actually gave me the idea for this topic because he posits it was my love of comic books that led me to law school. I read about truth, justice and the American way as a kid, and then eventually become a professional advocate. Not a bad point, if you think about it. Of course, I think we’re all happy I decided to take humanitarian ideals away from my graphic novels, and not jumping off of buildings in tights.

So there we go. Yes, my toys as a kid shaped my life as an adult. Apparently, nerdiness sticks.


Good news to share!
a. Greg can jump higher than anyone I know. Greg can impersonate at least two characters from the Thundercats cartoon. Greg started a blog!
2. Tomorrow marks the BufBloPoFo halfway point! Seven consecutive days of posting (believe me, I know), makes one weak. But once you post tomorrow, it’s a downhill trot from there. Easy peasy, I say.
III. I really only had two pieces of good news, but thought it looked silly to have “a”, then “2”, without following it up with “III”. Um... I got a B in New York Practice. There you go. Good news all around.


Tomorrow’s going to be busy for me, so I won’t be posting until later. Or, better yet, let’s make tomorrow’s topic quick and breezy:

BufBloPoFo Topic for Day 7: Open up your wallet/purse/backpack/hobo bag on a stick. What’s the one thing in there that no one else has in their wallet/purse/backpack/hobo bag on a stick? What’s been in there the longest, having never been used?


Scott said...

Sam is building Lego airplanes and rocket ships. Good times.

Scott said...

New rule (proposed): participants have to leave at least one comment on another's blog each day. This way, we will all think people like us.