Monday, March 17, 2008

BufBloPoFo08 WrapUp:

Saturday, I caught up on reading. That night, I fell asleep on the couch watching crappy TV.
Sunday, I spent time with my daughters, had dinner with my parents, and went to bed early.

In other words, it was a lovely Blogging Spring Break.

But today, I’m back at school, so it’s back to business at hand: the BufBloPoFo08 wrap up! While I’m in-between classes, I just want to send out a general thanks to everyone who participated, and to everyone who read along with the participants. This was a lot of fun, I think. I learned a lot about my friends and fam, and I felt, if only for a couple weeks, like we web-speakers are connected by more than just a system of tubes.

In the end, we had 30 participants, including your Mike Garvey. AND 17 BLOGGERS POSTED EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR TWO WEEKS. Okay, yeah, that’s only a little more than half, but in my book, it’s hardly the most important stat: Considering I was only expecting a few people to play along, and considering I was expecting those who played along to punk out after a few days, I can’t even begin to express how nerded out I am by the fact that BufBloPoFo08 saw 347 POSTS. 347!

Had everyone posted everyday for 14 days, that would have been 420 posts, which means we (let’s see... carry the one... subtract nine... get out a calculator...) had 82.6% saturation! Oh-ho, I’m nerding all over the place in here.

But of course, silly numbers are hardly why I consider this exercise a success. It was worthwhile because:

-it got Lisa blogging.
-it got Lisa to post a clip of her as a little, hilarious, kid.
-it helped to get DHKA back into the light of day.
-it helped to get Wannabe into the light of day.
-Erin and I are now facebook friends.
-I learned that everyone has a different idea about how to use/load/screw up a dishwasher,
-I learned I apparently have some really good friends who should never be allowed to drive me anywhere,
-I learned one of my college friends is a trek nerd (why didn’t we talk about that in Dinan’s class?),
-I learned at least one of my sisters likes my mix cds, I learned some teachers really are listening, though I still doubt any of the ones I had ever did,
-I learned I’m two degrees away from Ty Pennington, and
-I learned I’m not the only kid who collected Little People toys.

So I think that’s about it for ’08. Congrats again to all of you, and check back here in another year or so to see if I spent that time coming up with 14 new topics. In the meantime, feel free to plug the jpeg below to the sidebar on your blog if you made it all the way through 14 days of posting.

In case anyone is curious, here’s my final tally of all BufBloPoFo08 participants:

· A Beautiful Life 14 Days!
· All Things Jennifer 14 Days!
· Automatic Rebalancing 8 days
· BA Start 14 Days!
· blog, pink and be mary 14 Days!
· Clarence Grad 72 14 Days!
· Couture Me If You Can 14 Days!
· Crunchy Blog 8 days
· DHKA 14 Days!
· Erin-Go-Blog 13 days
· GabsOSteel 13 days
· In Mark's Head 14 Days!
· it's a marshmallow world 14 Days!
· jen's 14,221 thoughts 12 days
· Just A NYC Girl 14 Days! (Special dispensation: BufBloPoFo08 Judges officially looked the other way on Patty’s last day.)
· Lawyers Do Not Eat Their Young 9 days
· Oh Curly One 8 days
· outgrabes 14 Days!
· Phoeby and her friends 14 Days!
· Playtime at Hazmat 14 Days!
· Pretty Bird 10 days
· Royal Toybox 14 Days!
· Shoe Money Tonight 14 Days!
· The Daily Blurb 14 Days!
· The Fourth Row 10 days
· The Middle Child 14 Days!
· The Wannabe Outdoorsman 4 days
· Whoa Mama 6 days
· Wisest is She Who Knows She Does Not Know 6 days

See you in 24 fortnights for BufBloPoFo09!


dr. nic said...

Oh, and I'm a Browncoat too.

Michael said...

Wow. I completely suck.

But, I did do all the entries, just not on different days.

Ah well- better next time!

Garvey said...

Nicole- Oh, firefly... we hardly knew ye.

Michael- Yeah, you pretty much won whatever the BufBloPoFo Razzie equivalent is, but I think getting healthy is a more important thing to do anyway. Also, ladies and gents, honorable mention to Michael for completing all the topics in one swipe:

Leah said...

at least I'm not at the very bottom! thanks, jule!

subscription girl said...

hey - i did all 14!