Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Let it be known

The John Adams biopic may be the greatest thing ever shown on television.


Scott said...

I haven't sat in rapture in front of my television like that since the first episode of the A-Team!

I've been replaying the speeches before the vote in my head for three days.

I would pay for HBO until the end of time for this one.

goose said...

I like it also...a lot. I must say it is quite captivating. Though, I did like "Rome", very much. However, I will say, "Band of Brothers", for me, was the best HBO miniseries to date. I'll have to see how "John Adams" plays out over the course of its episodes.

Garvey said...

When I first saw Band of Brothers, I felt the same way. Not just the best HBO series to date, but the best thing I'd ever seen on TV. I loved Rome and think I would have appreciated it more with your (goose) level of interest in all things roman.

I'm not even a huge American history buff, but (from what I've seen of the first two episodes) John Adams has me hooked. I want to own the action figures.

And believe it or not, I never watched the A-Team! (I was more a fan of The Real American Hero...)

Alex said...

I dunno man -- WKRP in Cincinnati.