Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Are they?

So after trailing the Tampa Bay Lightening 4-1 yesterday, the Sabres actually pulled a comeback win out of their collective patoot. It appeared as though they just got good at some point between the second and third periods, and I think I can explain why.

Around 2pm yesterday, my dad was admitted for surgery. Nothing extremely life-threatening, but no procedure is without dire risks. Several prayers said.

Around 5pm yesterday, anesthesia (“anesthetic”? “anastasia”?) was administered, and the surgery began. Several more prayers offered.

Around 7pm yesterday, the Sabres game began, and the Sabres immediately started sucking it up. At the start of the third period, we were losing by a seemingly insurmountable 4-1.

Around 9pm yesterday, the surgeon came out to tell us dad pulled through, they were sewing him up, and he did fine. He wouldn’t even have to go to the ICU. He’d be home Sundayish.

Around 9:01 yesterday, (honestly, I don’t remember the exact times, but it was literally a few minutes after the surgeon walked back out), God looked up from the operating room, did a double take, and said “Oh shit! The game’s on!”

Around 9:01:01 yesterday, the Sabres scored SIX UNANSWERED GOALS.

Oh and also, I was supposed to be there, but opted to hang out in the surgical waiting room instead. Many apologies to Lisa, Alex, and Nick who were supposed to go with me but instead missed out on such an awesome comeback. Expect a rain date!


Beers said...

Glad to hear Pa Garvey is going to be okay.

Scott said...

Big Mike's got some nerve, scheduling a surgery on a hockey night.

Glad to hear all is well.

dr. nic said...

Glad to hear you're dad's doing well.