Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nice, indeed.

Yesterday was of the red letter variety. I can’t really share too much right now, but suffice it to say that one or two of those 63 noodles I threw at the wall last week seem to have stuck. No job offers or anything, just sticky noodles at this point. More on this as it develops.

And what about the good news I can share? Drum roll please...


It has been tested and proven: this guy has two thumbs and is ethical enough to be a lawyer. I took the test back during BufBloPoFo08, and you can read about how much it upset me then. Or ignore that and just know that I passed. Huzzah!

(By the way, my friend, Carrie, texted me last night at 11pm to let me know the scores were available online. That lucky lass gets to celebrate both her passage of the test and the passage of another year of life today. Happy Birthday Carrie!)

(Also, by the way, my friend Jon passed the test. It’s not his birthday today, but I believe his basketballing troupe won their match last night. Congrats all around, I say.)

(Also, again by the way, I have the greatest wife ever in the world and I love her more every second of the day. Plus, she’s a looker.)


Anonymous said...

It's a proud day for Mikes all over the world. Congratulations!

Lindz said...

Congrats! What a great feeling!

M. said...

YAY Mike!!!