Thursday, April 24, 2008

Royal Toybupdates

Family: Maeve is much better. She had the croupe, which sounds, appropriately, like it’s named after a combination of the words: “cough”, “ralph”, and “poop”. In that order. She’s still a little under the weather, but should be fine by this weekend for Adelaide’s baptism. On a related note OH PLEASE DEAR ALMIGHTY GOD DON’T LET ADELAIDE GET CROUPEY. Somehow, I don’t think the words “cough”, “ralph”, “poop”, and “holy water on the noggin” would roll of the tongue very well.

Job: none yet. About 47 resumes remain unanswered, so keep the fingers crossed.

School: I know I have a lot of law school friends who check in on the blahg every now and then, so this section is aimed at you. First off, congrats on getting aaaaaaalmost all the way through law school. Two more weeks, beautiful babies. You done good.

Secondly, if anyone has any graduation tickets they don’t need, I’m in the market for nearly one billion of them. Oh wait, I have six and Jon gave me one of his spares, so I’m looking for nearly one billion minus seven. Anyone? Anyone? Grad tickets? Anyone?

Tech: NO I DID NOT JOIN SECOND LIFE THAT WOULD BE A POOR USE OF MY TIME. Okay, maybe I joined a little. My avatar wears a crown.

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