Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tanks a lot

There are few times when I think thank-you cards are really necessary or even helpful, but I’ve always been a fan of sending them after interviews. (I hated them as a kid. I once gave a present to a friend with a disclaimer written into the card: “Part of my gift is that you don’t have to give me a thank-you card later on.” Then I ate too much and threw up in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese’s. I’ve come so far, right?)

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I had to write a post-interview thank you card, but today I needed one. By the way, if you’ve been following along here at the RT, and can read in-between the lines: yes, the 63 resumes I sent out last week have started to produce! I probably shouldn’t talk about where I’m interviewing these days, but let’s just say that today’s meeting definitely deserved a thank-you card.

Apparently, according to the selection of cards at Target, I’m not the only male in WNY with a hatred for unnecessary correspondence. One entire aisle was devoted to bright pinks and yellows, curlie-cued fonts, pictures of butterflies and flowers, and of course, puppies. In the stationary world, evidently, puppies equate to the most sincere form of thanks.

And in one tiny corner, on the dusty bottom shelf near the end of the aisle, a non-descript cardboard box contained 100 black and white, industrial strength, economy sized, no frills, pieces of folded paper. The font used was blockish and as non-committal as one can get, with all the warmth of a death certificate. A single black line stretched across the bottom border of each card, probably in an attempt to suggest professionalism. But honestly, the line reminded me of an addition problem on a math test.


Now I’m not looking for manly man thank-you cards with footballs, engine blocks, military equipment and centerfold pin-ups on the front, but some middle ground between that and puppies might be nice. At least give me something like this:

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GabsOSteel said...

i couldn't find any manly thank you cards to send to the guys who gave me references, so they're getting lil' kid "spiderman" thank you cards. at least they're not pink.