Monday, April 07, 2008

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A couple of pictures to share. These might fill some of the holes in your Mike Garvey Is Getting Older Timeline.

The first is from, on average, 1998. I say “on average” because it was taken while I was in college and I didn’t have a watch then. 1998ish, we’ll say:

So yeah, this picture, taken when Tom and I were in The Tempest, is interesting if you take into account the juxtaposition of my gaze (I’m on the left) with Tom’s on the right, as well as considering the lighting used OH MY GOD WHEN DID I HAVE ALL THAT HAIR?

I mean, are you kidding me? I was frickin’ Harpo Marx all throughout high school and college and now I aspire to Matt Lauer status. Just not fair.

The second picture shows the good news:

A friend sent this one to me noting I’d lost a lot of weight. Compared to this pic, I really have. When I moved home from Chicago in 2003, I was about 270. Having been separated from my precious deep dish pizzas, I quickly lost about 15 lbs, and then Weight Watchers helped with another 25 or so the summer after this was taken.

So, I’m thinner, but so is my hair. If that give-and-take persists, I wonder what benefit I’ll gain as my eyesight worsens. “Man, that bald, thin guy with the coke bottle glasses sure knows how to skateboard really well.”

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