Sunday, May 18, 2008


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I did it. Graduated. Law school? Check. A year of pre-school, a year of kindergarten, 12 years of first through twelfth grade, four years of college, two years of bidness school, and three of law school. 23 years of schooling ended after I took three exams, handed in one paper, put on a silly hat and walked across a stage to pick up a fakeloma.

Also, my perfect wife bought me a wii in honor of being all growns up and in a profession and everything. As EVERYONE I spoke with today mentioned, yes, that’ll make bar prep nice and easy. But hey, that starts tomorrow, so there’s hours of time left for a little Mario Kart.

Mary graduated as well. No wait, to say “as well” would imply we performed similarly. But since the announcement of her name was followed by “cum laude”, and mine was only followed by me muttering “OMG DON’T TRIP DON’T TRIP OMG” under my breath, I think we all know t’ain’t true.

Fifteen days, by the way, have been tough with no blogging. That said, this next bit is really going to be downright herculean.

Don’t expect many updates over the summer. Remember this? Well, let’s just say I’m going with Option 3, conservatively. Bar prep starts tomorrow, goes through May, through June, through July, right up until they pour me into a test center with a hearty chuckle and a handful of No. 2 pencils. Who are they? Demons, I tells you. Evil demons.

Anyway, I don’t really know what my plan is, except that any free time I get this summer will be split between playing The Royal Wii and trying to convince my family that I’m not some stranger who broke into their fatherless house to play their wii.

Yes, yes. I’ll miss you too. In honor of the moment, and since this weekend has a graduation flavor to it, please enjoy the following video-yearbook with all the pictures I could find of me blogging. Take it easy, ya’ll…

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Studyin's hard, dammit.

I needed a break, so I started going through all the pictures Lisa loaded onto our desktop. Care to see? Of course you care to see.

Addie has started eating "solid" foods. Not solid, like rock-candy-solid, but solider than your average bottle of milk. Does she like it?

Of course she likes it.
Maeve's new game is Climb On Things Then Jump Off Them(tm). Here, the game is made all the more fun with a superhero cape and Gramma helping her fend off that pesky gravity. Up up...
...and gently back down to earth so she can do it all over again! By the way, remember this? well, if you want a little updateroo, that little twig at Maeve's feet in the this pic is that same little bit of flora that survived the October storm so long ago. YAY PERSISTENCE OF LIFE.
I don't know when this was, but I elled right oh ell when I saw it. In honor of Derby Day, here's Maeve, Lisa and Cousin AideNoah whooping it up at the zoo.
Maeve also likes solid foods. Not necessarily to eat, mind you.
And she knows her limits.
This picture is from August of '07, but I'd never seen it. Remember when I had a beard? Remember when Maeve gave out kisses? Ah, memories...
Cartoons... are... gud...
Here're some random ones. KT came over one night so we could help her take over the world with her Mad Scientist Playset(tm). Just kidding, but the truth is stranger. Believe it or not, that machine tests hearing. (It does so by simply existing, and then you raise your hand as soon as you hear people laughing at how incredibly old it is.)
DHKA is a swell drinking buddy, when he comes out to drink (and I do). He's also an excellent blogger when he blogs. Also my hands are SUPERFAST.
This is a real, honest-to-God posting I saw in the law school. There was contact info at the bottom, so if you happen to know any student partern attorneys, please have them get in touch with me. Especially because they, um, don't exist. PATENT attorneys do. PARTNER attorneys do. SPELLCHECK does. Partern attorneys do not.
Now here are two parterns hard at work making food for me. I honestly don't remember where this was from or what they were making, but I'm sure I had a good time and I'm sure I loved every bite of it. And I'm sure Julia couldn't be grinning any harder without pulling a muscle.
Addie relaxin'...
Easter 2008. Maeve: "Okay I'm sitting still now! Okay, I'm smiling! Can I has chocolate now? Yes? More toys now please? See me be a good big sister ha ha? Yes more chocolate?"
Addie's Christening 2008. Addie: "OMG I'M SO EXCITED TO BE BAPTIZED THIS IS SO FUN VOMIT..."
After that party, after weeks of lead-up to that party, everyone involved was pretty spent. Addie made it as far as her swing. Maeve (with her empty juice cup) and I (with an empty coffee cup) never got farther than the couch. Lisa, at least, was able to reach her camera.

...and thank God for that.

Okay, you all, I'm done for now. See you when I'm a law school graduate.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

We ain't got no innocence

Today is the last day of my last semester ever. Unless I go back to college someday (clown? barber? who knows what my future holds!) I’ll walk out of my last class at 3:45pm.

Of course, that’s just the regular season. I still have the playoffs (exams), the Stanley Cup Finals (bar prep) and the 1980 Olympic Winter Games men’s hockey game against the Soviets (the bar).

Oh hockey… is there nothing you can’t explain through analogy?