Thursday, September 25, 2008

house update

The sellers countered.

This is good because it means they don't have any other buyers at their door, or at least no other buyers offering more than our (slightly-on-the-pathetic-side) opening bid.

This is bad because the counter might just as well have been "Okay, we'll sell you our house for a milliondy-bajillion dollars" because we're already staring down the barrel of our mortgage cap.

Further updates to follow.


Bryan Mahoney said...

BOO-urns! Or, yay?

So let me get this straight: Two kids, fancy office, house.

I leave Buffalo for TWO measly years and you go and get all growns up.


(BTW - the code offered to me in order to publish this post is Noonatt. Now you know.)

Bryan Mahoney said...

Now the code is "fless."