Sunday, November 02, 2008

Garving pumpkins

I wrote a whole long post about how much I hate iTunes yesterday and then decided against it. I didn’t want my first activity in two weeks to be all about the hate. Instead, I give you the polar opposite of hate: cute pictures.

The last couple of weeks have been a mess of fall activities, some of which I’ve memorialized below. First, Lisa and I woke up one morning and decided we weren’t nearly yuppie enough, so we took the girls apple and pumpkin picking. Maeve started with the pumpkins…

...and Addie went straight for the apples. Some of those apples turned into pie, by the way. Call me a yuppie all you want, so long as it gets me a slice of home made America.

Maeve didn't so much pick apples. She taste tested them.

"This one might be bad. Daddy, you taste it."

Addie, as usual, was just happy to be alive. WELCOME TO THE ADELAIDE SHOW!

Maeve on hey.

Addie eating hey.

Hay tastes bad.

No wait! Hey tastes good!

The girls pushed the boundaries of cuteness and dressed cooperatively as a couple of Peeps. The chick kind, not the bunny kind. Not that it matters, mind you, because pretty much everyone who saw them in Western New York called them cute little duckies.

Julia and Maeve doing Arts and Crafts.

Julia doing Arts and Crafts. Maeve eating Arts and Crafts.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

I wasn't gonna gloat but since you mentioned bout that game yesterday? :)

I'm glad you decided to blog about the girls!They are so beautiful and getting so big!

Esther said...

Addie deserves her own show.

M. said...

Um, what's "yuppie" about apple picking? I love apple picking! :-/

Anonymous said...

Once again, I have to admit and tell you how adorable your children are and man, they are getting big. Makes me miss my grankids. And good on you two for doing simple,memorable things with your girls -- nice parenting and great memories for everyone.