Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hi everyone! Last night, my wife and I had just finished watching The Dark Knight, when I started to think about all the amazing, life-changing, blog-worthy things that have happened to me since I last posted. Maybe I’ll re-start the ol' blog today with one of those things:

I celebrated for weeks after passing the bar;
I started my new career;
My daughter turned one;
I bought a house;
I attended Barack Obama’s inauguration…

And yet as I sit here, trying to reintroduce myself to blogging, trying to find the right words that express exactly how I feel right here and now, I think there’s something I need to admit before I can really devote myself once again to the art of web-logging. Okay, here goes:

I... I mean seriously. I feel like I just watched a two and a half hour trailer for the actual movie, which also sucked.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll re-start the ol' blog tomorrow with one of those things.